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Awards of Excellence in Power Sweeping

Awards of Excellence in Sweeping

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Award of Excellence

As the founder and editor of the first-ever magazine for power sweeping, American Sweeper, in 1995 our editor, Ranger Kidwell-Ross, began the tradition of recognizing outstanding individuals in the sweeping industry. Through the intervening years the honor, called the Award of Excellence in Power Sweeping, has become the top distinction in the world of power sweeping.

Says Kidwell-Ross, "The World Sweeper / World Sweeping Association Award of Excellence in Power Sweeping continues a tradition I began in 1995. This was spurred because I had won, the previous year, a national APEX Award for Publication Excellence for my American Sweeper magazine. This motivated me to start a similar award for the power sweeping industry.

Through the intervening years the Award has been received by a notable 'Who's Who' list of dedicated, involved companies and individuals in the power sweeping industry. The Award qualifications, which include more than just success in the sweeping industry, encompass time devoted to building professionalism in the industry and in assisting others involved in sweeping."

In 2005, American Sweeper magazine transitioned into this website, which resumed this tradition. This is the place on the expansive WorldSweeper website where you may read about the current recipient of this special Award, as well as information about other winners in past years. Starting with the 2014 presentation, the Award has also been co-sponsored by the World Sweeping Association.


Jay And Laurie

Laurie and Jay Presutti, owners of East Coast Industrial Services, Inc. receive the Sweeping Association's 2023 Award of Excellence in Power Sweeping, the United States power sweeping industry's highest honor.

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This year's winner is well-qualified: The company has been involved with both NAPSA and WSA for a number of years. In addition to running an ever-expanding sweeping and pavement maintenance operation, the owners, a husband and wife team, have also made time – and contributed money – to worthy causes where they found assistance was needed. This has included helping individuals in need as well as donations to diverse causes like underprivileged families and Toys for Tots.


The Sweeping Association's Award of Excellence in Power Sweeping was awarded at the National Pavement Exposition on January 26, 2023.

The company has provided sweeping and pavement maintenance services in a variety of critical, high pressure situations, including assisting in the cleanup of Hurricane Sandy. The principals have also taken time to provide information about educating customers about how to choose reputable contractors and in a feature article at WorldSweeper emphasized not their own importance; rather what they emphasized was the importance of being honest with customers and vendors alike.

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East Coast has been ranked as #12 in a determination of the top 25 sweeping contractors in the USA by PAVEMENT Magazine. The company is a Certified Woman-Owned Business both nationally as well as Certified in NYC.

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Click on the image below to view a video that offers a 45 minute insight into what has made the company such a powerhouse in the market since its beginning in 2008. Not too surprisingly, the couple's emphasis on excellent service, honesty and helping others has been a big part of that success.

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For more information about East Coast Industrial Services, Inc., we invite you to visit the company's website, which is located at East Coast's phone number is 845-744-8148 and you may also contact the company via email sent to

If you have questions or comments about this article, please, let us know and, if appropriate, we will add it in as an addendum to this article.

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Some Previous Award of Excellence in Power Sweeping Winners

Winner for 2022, Pro Sweep, Inc., celebrating an unbroken string of 21 years with a 100% safety record in harsh North Dakota conditions.

Winner for 2020, Elgin Sweeper Company, commemorating its user involvement in designing its RegenX sweeper model.

Winner for 2019, Warren & Bridget Burge, founder of Baton Rouge-based Clean Sweep, Inc.

Winner for 2016, Larry Dyck, founder of MASCO Sweepers.

Winner for 2015, Les Huliscko, founder of SweepRite Sweepers.

Winner for 2010, Allan Heydorn, editor of PAVEMENT Maintenance & Reconstruction Magazine.

Winner for 2009, South Carolina-based Dale McCaskill and his company, Southco Sweeping.

Winner for 2008, Seattle-based Davidson-Macri Sweeping and SweeperMarket Magazine.

First Award Winner, Gabriel Vitale, owner of C and L Sweeping in New Jersey.

Winner for 2006, Gale Holsman, owner of American Sweeping, Inc. in Kansas City, Missouri.

Eugene Hansen, the founder of Minnesota-based Clean Sweep, Inc.

Mark Carter, co-owner of Los Angeles-based Bill's Sweeping.

Bob Schwarze, founder of Schwarze Industries, Inc., and his son, Mark, were the winners for 2002.

Winner for 2021, Louisville Power Sweep, commemorating its development of the Sweep Inspect! app for contractors.

Winner for 2018, Michael Nawa, founder of Pennsylvania-based Custom Maintenance.

Winner for 2017, Pete Phillips, founder of Chattanooga-based Clean Sweep.

Winner for 2014, NiteHawk Sweepers

Winner for 2013, Karl Stauty and his company, Commercial Power Sweeping, Inc.

Winner for 2012, John "Johnny D" Dubbioso. John's companies include NE-based Tri-State Industrial Maintenance, Three-D Equipment Rebuilding and several others. He was also one of the inventors of the Broom Bear sweeper, which was sold to Elgin.

Winner for 2011, Ray Confer of Michigan-based C & J Sweeping, Inc.

In 2007, the Award of Excellence in Power Sweeping was awarded to the B.W. Young family and the company he founded, The Young Manufacturing Company -- better known in the sweeping industry as the TYMCO sweeper company.

Tom Ostuni is a man who in 1966 looked at an industry in its infancy and saw its potential. He took a single sweeper and a single account and turned it into a full-scale success, helping many others along the way.

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