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Additional Profiles in Featured Contractor Section

Each month, features a top sweeping contractor from somewhere in the U.S. Since January of 2008 each of the featured contractors has contributed an audio interview about the factors contributing to their company's success. Take a look. (Opens in a new window)

PAVEMENT Magazine Covers Value of NAPSA-Certification

These articles from PAVEMENT magazine discuss NAPSA's Certification program and what it means for those who attain it. Read the stories.

Phil Hicks Sweeping Goes Small to Grow Bigger

Sweeping contractor finds adding a Green Machine to be a good move. Read the story.

Wiley's Sweeping Success Is 'All in the Family'

Young sweeping contractor involves the entire family in his quest for excellence. Read the story.

MetroSweep's T.E.A.M. Concept

Company image-building, employee involvement, meticulous professionalism. Read the story.

Setting Their Sweeping Sights On Perfection

Atlanta Sweeping is close to achieving their goal of zero complaints. Read the story.

Ben-Yashar Has Better Ideas

The owner of East Coast Sweeping reveals his innovative approach to marketing, operations and equipment modification. Read the story.

How Sweeping is Done 'Down Under'...Where Costs are Sky-High.

Mike Webber, general manager of Cleansweep, one of the largest sweeping companies in Australia, provides a fascinating look at how the sweeping industry operates on his side of the world. Read the story.

Clean Sweep on The Cowlitz

Jeff and Tammie Wilson explain their successful growth strategies, with emphasis on finding and keeping outstanding employees. Read the story.

Profiting by Quality at J&S

They outbid competitors with customer loyalty. Read the story.

Raceway Sweepers Must Really Perform

Maple Grove Raceway has some unique sweeping specifications. Read the story.

Planning, Quality, Honesty, Sweeping

BJ Sweeping Services was built the old fashioned way. Read the story.

Takin' It To The Streets

Sweeping Three Rivers Stadium is just like cleaning your living room... only wider. Read the story.

A Total being San Diego's finest sweeping company

Karen Billings only knows one way to run a company -- the right way. Read the story.

Leading Through Innovative Sweeping Service

Virginia contractor provides whatever the customer needs. Read the story.

Sweeping From Disneyland to Downtown L.A.

This woman-owned company is playing in the big leagues. Read the story.

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