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Tax Payment Organizational Ideas You Can Bank On

For many power sweeping contractors the most difficult part of the business is not performing the necessary work. Rather, it is dealing with the regulatory and accounting aspects of running the company. Keeping track of tax liability can be especially difficult for the small contractor who does not have an in-house financial manager. Read the info.

Questions to Ask When Looking for a Credit Card Processing Company

There are a host of credit card processing companies to choose from. Here are the questions you want to ask before choosing one for your business. Read the info.

In a Recession, Put Everyone in Marketing

Are you facing falling customer orders? Slower renewals? Cancellations? Requests for ever-deeper discounts? Those are silly questions. Of course you are experiencing these recession symptoms. And you have probably cut budgets and jobs more than you like. Read the info.

Getting Involved in Local Volunteer Activities

The Town of Crawford holds an annual town cleanup day each year. This year a local sweeping company, East Coast Industrial Services, Inc., donated a sweeper and operator to the event. East Coast's owner, Jay Presutti, also pitched in to help for the day, along with his 12-year-old son, Neil. Read the info.

Chain Store Chapter 11 and Closure Updates

In the current business climate, it's more important than ever to keep tabs on your customers in terms of their financial status. Don't keep sweeping for free! Read the info.

How to Assuage Irate Clients

At times it seems as though quality customer service is a thing of the past. Read the info.

Six Tax Tips for 2008

It's still possible to effect tax burden change in 2008. Consider these expert tips in order to keep more of your hard-earned cash come April 2009. Read the info.

Perception: Sweeping Contractors Cheat Business Customers at Night

This 'expert writer' for a popular web-based ezine has a poor opinion of parking area sweepers in general. How would you answer his critique? Read the info.

Customer Fuel Surcharges: When, How, and How Much?

In a time of fast-moving fuel prices, don't let your margins erode because you haven't added in a fuel surcharge to customers. Four top contractors discuss what they do in this regard. Read/listen to the info.

Five Ways to Keep Your Customers Coming Back for More

At times it seems as though quality customer service is a thing of the past. Some companies just don't appear to care about keeping their clientele happy. If only they knew how damaging this is to their business. Read the story.

The Keys to Getting More $$ When You Sell Your Sweeping Company

Gale Holsman, Jr., has been in the sweeping business for almost a quarter of a century. During that time, he has bought and sold numerous sweeping companies spanning several midwestern states. Here, in an easy to listen to audio format, are Gale's tips for what process you should follow prior to selling your sweeping company. Read and listen to the story.

The Added Value of Sweeping Contractors That Provide Extra Services

Massachusetts-based Laura Schmitt has been involved with property management for over 20 years, and currently manages a slate of properties for Equity One, Inc.

You'll want to hear what Schmitt has to say about the added value she places on a parking lot sweeping company that provides many other, related, services. Read and listen to the story.

Define Your Difference To Stand Out and Make Your Business Shine

Thoughtfully defining your business-and your differentiation-will help you to understand who you are, what you do, and what makes you different. Read the story.

Joanne Devlin's General Business Tips for Sweeping Contractors

Here are some common-sense ideas for organizing your business correctly and giving it the ability to grow profitably. Read and listen to the story.

You Killed Your Competition! Now What?

This article offers insight into a unique way to gather new customers from out-of-business competitors. Read the story.

7 Tips for Better Business Cards

Your business card can be your most powerful advertising and marketing tool. Get your card into the hands of people who can do business with you and profit is sure to follow. Read the story.

Sweeping Contractor Tips and Techniques From 2005 NPE West Sweepers' Roundtable

This article includes a discussion of upcoming (Jan. 2007) sweeper chassis emission standards, debris screening, the effective use of personality profile testing for new hires, and a list of how those in attendance market their services. Read the story.

A Current Snapshot of the Sweeper Brooms and Brushes Industry

Professionals at Keystone Plastics and United Rotary Brush discuss rising petroleum prices and the actions you should take to stay profitable. Written 10.05. Read the story.

Ways to Improve Cash Flow for Parking Area Sweeping Contractors

Here are some ideas you can use to get the money owed you in a more timely fashion. Read the story.

You're Online! (Now What?)

Here are some ideas of how to use your Internet access in your contracting business. Read the story.

Information Retrieval Strategies for Parking Area Sweeping Contractors

The director of a Small Business Development Center provides strategies for getting information to help grow your business. Read the story.

Street and Parking Area Sweeping: Then and Now

Three veteran contractors talk about the changes the industry has gone through in the last couple of decades. Read the story.

Sweeping Contractor Tips and Techniques From 2004 NPE Sweepers' Roundtable

This article includes a discussion of day portering, what to do when windshields are damaged by sweepers, DOT regulations and naPSa. Read the story.

Sweeping Contractor Tips and Techniques From 2003 NPE West Sweepers' Roundtable

This article includes a discussion of national contractor agencies, Nextel's GPS tracking phone, screening of sweeper debris, naPSa and the idea of instituting a 'noise premium' for accounts that are noise-sensitive. Read the story.

Sweeping Contractor Tips and Techniques From 2002 NPE Sweepers' Roundtable

This article includes a discussion of tires, the Internet, sweeper noise, relative durability of different cab-and-chassis and insurance. Read the story.

Subcontracting Sweeping Services Becoming Big Business For Some

A general overview on the concept of subcontracting of sweeper routes to independent contractors. Read the story.

For Warranty Returns on Sweepers: Send In Your Old Parts

Here are some tips to make sure you get credited for warranty returns on sweeper parts. Read the story.

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