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The Added Value of Sweeping Contractors That Provide Extra Services

Laura Schmitt

Massachusetts-based Laura Schmitt has been involved with property management for over 20 years, and currently manages a slate of properties for Equity One, Inc. You'll want to hear what Schmitt has to say about the added value she places on a parking lot sweeping company that provides many other, related, services.

audio interview with Laura Schmitt by Ranger Kidwell-Ross, editor

Much emphasis is placed on 'consolidation' in the 21st century power sweeping marketplace. Gone are the days when a sweeping contractor can comfortably choose to offer only sweeping. And, it's not just that profit margins have eroded from the 'good old days' when parking lot sweeping was a developing industry.

The property management industry has changed enormously in the last several decades. Technology allows today's property managers to handle more remote centers than ever before. This means they want more than just a sweeping company they know they can rely on to be their 'eyes and ears' on the ground. Nowadays, the sweeping contractors who aren't able to take care of, at the very least, basic pavement and other exterior maintenance-related side tasks will soon find themselves replaced by someone who can.

Equity One, Inc.

In today's fast-paced business climate, property managers want to be able to make one phone call and know, know, know that whatever has cropped up on their property will get handled quickly, professionally and with minimum trouble for tenants and their customers. In this interview, Schmitt discusses the type of services and value a sweeping contractor needs to provide in order to keep busy property managers satisfied. She has learned she can count on that kind of service with their current sweeping contractor, NAPSA-Certified East Coast Lot and Pavement Maintenance.

East Coast's Uri Ben-Yashar knows that by having a 'one call does it' organization its much less likely that his sweeping services will be seen as a commodity. The fact is, when you offer a wide selection of services to your customers, and do them well, then it's much less likely anyone will be tempted to switch contractors for a few dollars per sweep.

Laura Schmitt is a true veteran of property management, and in the following .mp3 audio interview about the value of service consolidation she offers a host of information that underscores why property managers want to see multiple services from their sweeping contractors.

Even if you already provide a number of services, this audio interview will still provide some tips for how you may be able to do things even better. In the event you haven't yet taken the plunge into other services, it's required listening. You won't want to miss the compelling reasons why Laura Schmitt says you can't afford to just sweep.

The easiest way to reach Laura Schmitt is to send her an email.

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Malco Logo

Shortly after we taped the audio interview with Ms. Schmitt, we did an audio interview with Joel Potts, vice-president of operations for Malco Services, our featured contractor for November, 2007.

Mr. Potts is a man who has a firm understanding of the value of providing a full slate of services -- and doing so with a quality-first approach. "We very, very rarely say no to any customer request," says Potts in the interview, "we figure out a way to get it done." The results speak for themselves: Malco has a fleet of 25 parking area sweepers, 180 employees that provide a wide variety of support-related services in addition to sweeping and offices in Anaheim and Las Vegas.

For the sweeping contractor side of the consolidation equatiion, we invite you to listen to the approximately 6-minute audio overview of how Malco Services is organized and operated.

The easiest way to reach Joel Potts is to send him an email.

If you have any questions or comments about this audio article, please let us know.

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