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Employee Information for Sweeping Contractors

Negotiating and Minimizing Your Workers' Comp Coverage Costs

This article shows how important it is to track your employees' comp. premiums, as well as tips on making sure you are in the best classification. Added 1.2011.Read the article.

Independent Contractor vs. Employee: Government Crackdown on Misclassification

If you are classifying workers as independent contractors, be sure you meet all the criteria required for legal independent contractors, as opposed to employees. Read the article.

Places You Might Have Overlooked When Searching For Workers

One of the biggest headaches contractors face, especially when they're a non-union shop, is finding and hiring good help. If that's the case, the following suggestions could be a life saver for you.Read the article.

Dealing With Negative Attitudes in the Workplace

"I've got great people on my team. They just don't always get along. Sometimes I feel more like a referee than a manager." If that sums up your situation, you'll want to read this "how-to and what to do" article from frequent contributor and internationally known employee management consultant, Gregory P. Smith.Read the article.

Overview and Tips for Outside Salesperson Compensation

Ideas for how to structure compensation when hiring an outside salesperson. Audio interview on this topic is with Gabriel Vitale, a past president of NAPSA; approximately 8.5 minutes in length and in mp3 format.Read and listen to the info.

Pre-Employment Testing: The Key to Employee Turnover and Accident Reduction?

Pre-employment testing can provide a significant boost in employee longevity and safety. Read the story.

The Lowdown on Employee Leasing for Sweeping Contractors

Employee leasing firms can reduce responsibilities and increase productivity. Read the story.

Best Practices for Employee Hiring, Firing, Training, etc.

Info from the contractor Best Practices Seminar at NPE 2006. Read the story.

General Employee Information

Be sure to also take a look at our general employee management and training information for those in sweeping.

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