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Dear Sweeping Industry Professional-

Welcome Welcome to this year's coverage of the 2015 National Pavement Exposition, which was held in Nashville, Tennessee.

This year's coverage includes a photo slideshow of some of the sweepers and people that were at the show, as well as 'walkaround videos' of four of the different makes of sweepers at NPE this year.

In addition, we cover the presentation of two sweeping-related awards: First, the WorldSweeper/World Sweeping Association's annual Award of Excellence in Power Sweeping. Second, an award for Sweeping Contractor of the Year which was given out for the first time ever this year by AC Media, the new organizers of the National Pavement Exposition.

Ranger Kidwell-Ross,
Editor of
Executive Director of World Sweeping Association

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The presentation of's annual Award of Excellence in Power Sweeping.

Our editor, Ranger Kidwell-Ross, presents to Scott Yasinski, VP of Sales for SuperiorRoads Solutions (now Merit Sweeprite). Scott accepted the award on behalf of Les Hulicsko, who was the founder of that company and the inventor of the Sweeprite line of sweepers. Hulicsko was given the 2015 Award of Excellence in Power Sweeping at the NPE Sweepers' Roundtable.

Scott Yasinski and Ranger Kidwell-Ross
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Scott Graby Nashville-area based The Hearthstone Group (THG) was honored at the 2015 National Pavement Exposition as the winner of the organization's award for top sweeping contractor in the United States. Receiving the award for THG was Scott Graby, the company's president. is proud to offer exclusive video of the award ceremony, at which Scott Graby received the award from Amy Schwandt and Allan Heydorn, two senior members of the NPE's organizing and production team. You may view our comprehensive interview information about the company, as well as the brief award acceptance video, by using this link.

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Norwood and Betsy Norwood and Betsy Carter, owners of NC-based Lisbon Maintenance, were the winners of the World Sweeping Association's drawing for old sweeper photos that was held at the National Pavement Exposition.

WSA offered a total of 18 old 8X10 photos of sweepers from the start of the 20th century. If you'd like to take a look at a slideshow of them, use this link to take a look at the slideshow of old sweepers.

Note that each of these images are for sale for $15 plus $2 shipping, with proceeds benefiting the World Sweeping Association's Memorial Scholarship Fund. If you would like to purchase one or more, keep track of the number of the sweeper photo in the slideshow and then let us know.

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Schwarze Updraft Photo

We have a slideshow of 25 of the photos we took at NPE. If you'd like to have just a taste of what you missed, use this link to take a look at this year's slideshow. (Opens into a new window.)

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Table of Contents for 2015 NPE Videos

WSA Logo For the second year, the World Sweeping Association (WSA) had a booth at NPE. This year, the backdrop featured 8x10 glossy photos submitted by a number of WSA Members. We took a brief video of the backdrop, which is linked below in a YouTube video. Take a look and it's likely you'll see either a photo of your company's equipment or that of another contractor you know.

WSA also sponsored two seminars at the 2015 NPE. Although for six years these were available only to WSA members, in August of 2021 they were made available to the entire sweeping industry. Here are the links: "Top 10 Safety Practices for Pavement Maintenance Contractors" by noted safety expert, John Meola, and a 5-person panel discussion entitled "Dealing Effectively With Third-Party Vendors."
Note: John Meola provides a monthly safety series, "Safety First!," exclusively for WSA Members. For more information about membership, and to join, go to

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NPE 2015 Walkaround Sweeper Videos

Johnston SS Logo

Info on the model built by Johnston North America.

Bill Ackendorf, 31-year veteran of the sweeping industry and Regional Sales Manger for Johnston North America, discusses his company's first mechanical sweeper model, the Johnston ES351 EasySweep.

Contact the company by calling (704) 658-1333. The company's website is To locate your nearest Johnston NA dealer, use this link. To see this video at full size at, go here (opens in a new browser window).

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MASCO logo

Learn About MASCO Sweepers

MASCO's Eddie Salzado discusses the MASCO air sweeper model at NPE 2015.

For more information call at (408) 275-1246 or visit the company's website, www.mascosweepers. To see this video at full size at, go here (opens in a new browser window).

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NiteHawk Logo

Info on the NiteHawk Raptor Sweeper and NiteHawk's 2015 DAV Promotion

John Day, Sales and Customer Service Manager for NiteHawk Sweepers, discusses his company's LPG Raptor model. Day also explains the company's 2015 promotion designed to provide donations to the Disabled American Veterans' Association (DAV). For each of the specially camoflage-wrapped sweepers the company sells in 2015, $1500 will be donated in the customer's name to the DAV.

To learn more about NiteHawk Sweepers' product line, as well as this year's DAV promotional effort, contact the company by calling (800) 448-9364. The company's website is To see this video at full size at, go here (opens in a new browser window).

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Vacall Logo

Info on Vacall's AllSweep Model

Michael Hunter, Vacall's Southern Regional Sales Manager, shows off his company's AllSweep model.

Contact the company by calling 800.776.7020. The company's website is To see this video at full size at, go here (opens in a new browser window).

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