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Table of Contents for NPE Seminars, Interviews and Vendor Coverage

Charlotte Airport Animation

Thanks to Allan Heydorn and all the NPE staff for their capable assistance. Although extensive, our coverage of this event is just the tip of the iceberg when compared to the overall information provided to show attendees.

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Dale and Ranger

Now Online: This year's presentation of's annual Award of Excellence in Power Sweeping.

Our editor, Ranger Kidwell-Ross, presents's annual Award of Excellence in Power Sweeping at the NPE's Sweepers' Roundtable.

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Allan Heydorn

Now Online: An interview with Allan Heydorn, PAVEMENT magazine editor and NPE coordinator.

Allan Heydorn discusses with Ranger Kidwell-Ross, editor of, his take on the state of the sweeping and pavement maintenance industries.

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Guy Gruenberg

Now Online: An article by Guy Gruenberg, whose NPE Seminar was entitled 'Revving Up Your Sales Engine.'

Guy's article, called 'Don't be Chicken Little,' is designed to help sweeping contractors think about the way they are making decisions today, as compared to when the economy was humming along.

Guy's discussion targets three distinct areas of his topic:
1. Understanding how fear influences decision making.
2. How not to allow complacency to creep in.
3. The Parkinson Principal and how to fight it.

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James Lea

Now Online: An article by James Lea, professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a nationally known family business speaker, author, and advisor.

James' article, called 'Business Sage has Answers to Tough Family Business Queries,' is self-explanatory. If you run a family business, don't miss it!

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Don Turner

Now Online: Cost-effective Marketing Basics for Long-Term Success

Don Turner, who presented a seminar by the same title at NPE 2009, has a conversation with Ranger Kidwell-Ross, editor of, about what the most cost-effective marketing is in today's downturn economy. You won't want to miss all the terrific ideas these two -- both of whom have been pavement industry marketing coaches and consultants for over two decades -- come up with as inexpensive ways to keep your company competitive in your market area.

Discussion focuses on how contractors should be tailoring their marketing efforts in 2009, when money is tight and competition is cutthroat. The foundation of this article is a 50+-minute audio exchange absolutely packed with good marketing ideas.

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Ranger Kidwell-Ross

Now Online: Saving Money on Fuel and Related Expenses

Our editor, Ranger Kidwell-Ross, presented an NPE seminar on saving money on fuel and related expenses. Learn how your sweeping company can lower its fleet operating costs, as well as in many other areas.

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Table of Contents for NPE Vendor Videos

We have 17 vendor videos -- and an audio, all for your learning pleasure!

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Stearns Logo

Stearns Bank is a bank-affiliated financing company specializing in sweepers and other pavement industry equipment.

Interview is with Jim Peach, account manager for Stearns Equipment Financing Division.

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Wharthog Logo

Whart Hog Brooms Takes "Heavy Duty" to Another Level

Ed Brown, president of Topper Industrial, new owner of Whart Hog Brooms, talks about his plans for the Whart Hog Broom line.

Reach Whart Hog Brooms Toll Free: 800.529.0909, or by going to
Ed Brown's email address is

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SK Logo

SK Sweepers Offers Single-Engine Sweeper.

Bob Hammond, managing partner for SK Sweepers, provides info on his company's single-engine sweeper model.

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Q-Equips Logo

Q-Equips Offers Used Sweepers; Special on Elgin Used Fleet

Chris Vanderhof is general manager for Q-Equips, which is the used sweeper portion of Joe Johnson Equipment. Q-Equips currently has a fleet of (mostly) 2003 Elgin Eagles that were municipal-owned, dealer-maintained, and that have a host of extra features.

Reach Q-Equips Toll Free: 866.737.8470, or by going to
Chris Vanderhof's email address is

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Stewart Amos Logo

Stewart-Amos Sweepers Presentation

Frank Chulick, president of Stewart-Amos Sweepers, shows viewers around his company's Starfire-6 mechanical broom sweeper.

Reach Stewart-Amos Sweepers Toll Free: 800.482.2302, or by going to
Frank Chulick's email address is

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MBBroom Logo.gif

Brian Peters is a sales associate with MB Broom. In this interview, he discusses the company's walk-behind broom.

Reach MB Broom Toll Free: 800.558.5800, or by going to
Brian Peters' email address is

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United Rotary Logo

United Rotary Brush Debuts 'SmartSweep'TM Line of Recyclable Road Brooms

Perry Stenzel introduces United Rotary Brush's TurbolineTM gutter brooms, first in the company's line of SmartSweep recyclable road brooms. The unique system allows tuft changeout on the broom plate to save on replacement cost, storage costs and shipping, as well as provides an entirely new look. The design has been used successfully in Europe for a number of years, for use from parking lots to milling cleanup and street sweeping.

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Victory Logo

Victory Sweepers Introduces All-New Liberty DX Sweeper

Brad Staley, sales associate for Victory Sweepers, Inc., conducts a walkaround of Victory's new Liberty design, which is also available as a non-OEM replacement kit to fit 2000 and newer Schwarze 347 and 348 sweeper models.

Reach Victory Sweepers' Toll Free: 866.507.9337, or by going to
Brad Staley's Email Address is

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Tom Rokas Discusses the Latest at TYMCO

Tom Rokas, long time TYMCO sales associate, discusses his company's product line and how it fits in with today's emerging green marketplace -- in even more ways than how the camouflage sweeper they had at the show would do so with a background of trees...

Unfortunatly, we had technical difficulties with TYMCO's NPE video, so have substituted this interesting, informative audio interview with Tom.

Reach TYMCO Toll Free at 800.258.9626, or by going to
Tom Rokas' Email Address is

TYMCO Camo Sweeper

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Intergis Logo

Intergis Offers GPS/Tracking/Fleet Management Software Solutions

Ryan Cron explains his company's full-featured fleet management software.

Now live.

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Center Capital Logo

Center Capital is a Major Financing Company for Pavement Maintenance Companies

Caleb Boyd, account executive with Center Capital, is interviewed as an attendee at NPE.

Reach Center Capital Toll Free: 800.344.2224, or by going to
Caleb Boyd's email address is

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Wayne Sweepers Logo

Wayne Sweepers Re-designed Centurion Sweeper

Troy Schuller shows off the newly redesigned Centurion sweeper now being made by Wayne. (Formerly the Tennant Centurion.) Shuller talks about the many modifications Wayne has made to the previous design.

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WearMax Logo

Federal Signal Now Offers Wearmax Drag Shoe Line

Frank Ligori explains what Federal Signal's Wearmax line of drag shoes has to offer.

Now live.

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Superior Logo

Superior Engineered Elastomers Offers Critical Replacement Wear Parts

Gregg Blair talks about Superior's non-marking drag shoe line and vacuum tube inserts for sweepers.

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Victory Logo

Victory Sweepers Single-Engine Mark I Sweeper

Eddie Cagle, sales associate for Victory Sweepers, Inc., conducts a walkaround of Victory's Mark I model, single-engine parking area sweeper.

Reach Victory Sweepers' Toll Free: 866.507.9337, or by going to
Eddie Cagle's Email Address is

Now live.

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Elgin Logo

Elgin's New Megawind Offers Many Features

Brian Giles, sweeper products manager for Elgin, provides a tour of the new Megawind combination heavy duty sweeper and catch basin cleaner.

Reach Victory Sweepers' Toll Free: 800.323.4962, or by going to
Brian Giles' email address is

Now live.

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Did you like what we did this year? If you have suggestions for next year, please let us know.

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