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Selling Your Services

Cost-effective Marketing Basics for Long-Term Success

Don Turner
by Don Turner, with Ranger Kidwell-Ross

February, 2009

Don Turner, presenter at NPE 2009 of a seminar by the same title, has a conversation with Ranger Kidwell-Ross, editor of, about how to keep marketing cost-effective in today's downturn economy.

You won't want to miss all the terrific marketing ideas these two -- both of whom have been pavement industry marketing coaches and consultants for over two decades -- come up with as inexpensive ways to keep your company competitive in your market area.

Discussion focuses on how contractors should be tailoring their marketing efforts in 2009, when money is tight and competition is cutthroat. Use the audio link shown below and be ready to take notes!

Click here to play the audio interview.

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To reach Don Turner and his company, Pavement Web Services, call 940.325.2413, visit his company's website at, or send him an email to

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