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Ranger Kidwell-Ross, our webmaster and Editor of, in 2007 went to Thailand to bring back news of how pavement sweeping is done in that country.'

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Most Beautiful Street Sweeper in Thailand?

  • Whether she is perched in the back of a water truck, gingerly plucking weeds with her manicured nails or staring down a stray dog on the streets, Pattaramon Thocharoen is always camera-ready with a full face of make-up and several poses.

    The 27-year-old has an image to keep up with over 300,000 TikTok followers, some of whom have dubbed her Thailand's "most beautiful street sweeper." Read all about her.

'Python Sweeping' in Phuket

  • In Phuket, Thailand, a city street sweeper raised the alarm when he spotted a five-meter (16+ feet long) python hiding in a storm drain near Saphan Hin Park. "Many people were exercising in the area. I was afraid it posed a danger to them," the street sweeper told the Phuket Gazette. Read the story.

An Overview of Chiang Mai, Thailand

  • An overview of Thailand providing background information on the city, as well as an outline of the current environmental challenges the city and country face. Read the story.

The Challenges of Photographing a Sweeper in Chiang Mai, Thailand

  • Read about what is being done about air pollution in Chiang Mai, and go along on a wild ride to find and photograph one of the city's few mechanized street sweepers. Read the story.

Street Sweeping in Chiang Mai, Thailand

  • Street sweeping in Chiang Mai involves a combination of manual and mechanized sweepers. Here's how it's done, what they pay and what the city managers are doing to raise citizen awareness about sweeping's connection to the environment they live in. Read the story.

Photos From Thailand

  • This file contains two links to photo-journal slideshows of Thailand. One was taken in the Warorot outdoor food market, which is the primary market for Chiang Mai. The other contains a variety of shots from throughout the country. Take a look.
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