Southern Sweeping Service

2324 Augusta Street
Kenner, Louisiana 70062 United States


Offering Full Service Property Maintenance in Greater New Orleans Since 1975

Schwarze SweeperSouthern Sweeping Services, LLC is a full service Parking Area Maintenance Company, keeping your Parking Area free of all trash and debris is our number one objective. Keeping your property clean and enhancing your image is our priority.


Our Service Philosophy 

Our goal is to make life easier for Property Owners and Managers by offering professional Parking Area Maintanence Services such as sweeping, striping and pressure washing.


Our Sweeping Equipment

Victory SweeperWe use state-of-the art air sweepers from Schwarze Industries and Victory Sweepers. Although our powerful vacuum sweepers relatively quiet during operation, they are powerful sweepers capable of sweeping up trash, broken glass, small rock, sand, cans and bottles. They also remove the fine material that can cause slip-and-fall concerns, as well as that cause unneeded wear on striping,sealcoating and interior floors.

Our sweepers feature rotating gutter brooms that will clean your curb lines for greater curb appeal. If your curbs and corners are not clean then your parking lot is not clean!

Backpack blowers are used prior to sweeping to blow walkways, corners and inaccessible area's free of all trash and debris.


Let Us Show You The Difference We Provide

Pam and Larry RazianoSouthern Sweeping Services, LLC was founded in 1975 by its current President and CEO, Larry N. Raziano.

Whether you are unhappy with your current service provider or would just like a competitive bid, we invite you to use the contact information shown in our listing to give us a call. Our property needs assessments and bids are free and prompt.

"Our 'One Call Does It All' approach has worked well for us and you will appreciate the difference when our service philosophy is put to work for you. You'll find that the friendly, courteous and professional staff at Southern Sweeping Services can assist you with whatever your need may be."

– Pam and Larry Raziano


Contact Person: Larry Raziano
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