Ross Industries, Inc.

385 Hill Street
York, Pennsylvania 17403 United States


Ross Industries is a regional leader and expert in street sweeping, parking lot sweeping and line striping.

We serve Northern Maryland and much of Pennsylvania. See bottom of this page for a complete listing of our service area in Pennsylvania.

Street and Road Sweeping

We bring years of experience in municipal sweeping to our clients. We service state and local road sweeping programs along with single streets for special projects. We have both broom and vacuum trucks available depending on the particular need.

Construction & Milling Sweeping

We are on call and available 24 hours a day for construction site cleanup during and at the finish of the projects. We have high dump broom and vacuum trucks asphalt milling projects as well.

Parking Lot Sweeping

We offer daily, weekly, and monthly property maintenance programs. We can meet with you and help you develop the most economical and efficient sweeping program that wil maintain your property and present that best first impression that you are looking for.

Warehouse & Parking Garage Sweeping

We clean the floors in warehouses between tenants or for you on a regular basis. Parking garages also accumulate traffic dirt and debris which need maintained on a regular basis and we can be there at the times when it suits you best.

In addition, we can tie in power washing or scrubbing services if needed.

Line Painting

We have over 60 years experience in the line painting business which includes everything from shopping centers to airport runways to "RESERVED MR. JONES" on your personal parking space.

We layout and paint lines inside warehouses and factories, along with athletic courts.

Crack Filling & Seal Coating

We provide these services individually and also together as we strive to protect your asphalt pavement. The crack filling seals out water which has a destructive influence on your pavement. We clean out and fill the cracks with a hot rubberized asphalt which can expand with weather conditions. The sealer gives you a cleaner appearance while economically protecting your pavement life from damage occurring from gasoline, oil, salt, oxidation, etc.

We can measure the cracks and service area to be sealed and recommend any other pavement maintenance needs at your location.

If you are located in Northern Maryland or in any of the following areas of Pennsylvania, please give us a call at 1-800-329-7747 for a free consultation and evaluation of your needs.



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