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Canada's Holder Tractors Brings Karcher Sweepers to North America

by Ranger Kidwell-Ross, Editor, WorldSweeper
December 2021


Bridget Trepanier, Product Manager for the Karcher line of power sweepers, provides all the info about the sweepers made by Karcher that are entering the North American marketplace. Although I have provided some amount of the information via the text shown below, a much better experience is to click on the YouTube image shown toward the bottom of this page and see the @18-minute Zoomcast between us.

Holder Tractors has been in the North American market for over 45 years, primarily in the area of snow removal equipment. They have an established dealer network in the U.S., which is one of the reasons that Holder Tractors' distribution company was purchased by German-based Karcher. The year 2021 has been the product launch year for the Karcher products.

"Karcher offers a number of sizes and models, and we narrowed that down to a 'small, medium, and large' for bringing to market," said Trepanier. "This lets us cover everything from bike paths, sidewalks, parks, walking routes – all the way up to street sweeping. The City Sweeper MC 130 is the smallest; the MC 250 is the medium-sized machine; and, the MCM 600 is the street-class sweeper of the group."


The MC 130 is ideal for sidewalks and walking paths. Compact and an articulated frame so it has the agility to stay on the sidewalk. This pure suction sweeper has a 1.3m3 hopper capacity and the option to have a third broom so as to take in more material. The company sees their market for the MC 130 to be cities looking for a dedicated path sweeper, as well as for sweeping downtown core areas.

Offloading is via an in-cab switch that triggers hydraulics that allow the sweeper to dump at the standard height of a dump container. The machine is diesel-powered with a Kubota tier-4 final engine legal throughout the U.S.

KarcherModel250 The MC 250 City Sweeper offers articulating brooms and 4-wheel steering. This machine is targeted for bike paths and parks. As compared to the MC 130, this unit has a wider stance, larger hopper and offers more suction. Today, where more cities have set up permanent barricades between bike paths and streets, this is a sweeper that can stay within the bike paths.

The MC 250 currently has an Italian VM 107hp engine in it. Although it is not designated tier-4 final; however, a tier-4 final engine has now been put into production and will be ready by Quarter 1 of 2022. Like all of the sweepers being brought into North America, Holder has set up satellite parts depots in a variety of places in the U.S.

MCM 600The MCM 600 vacuum sweeper is just over 9' wide. It was designed and built in Italy by a company that's part of the Karcher group of companies. The machine is intended for urban usage, such as in downtown cores. It is 4-wheel steer and has a mechanical broom in the middle but also employs an air system. That makes it a hybrid mechanical/air machine.

Demo units are active throughout the U.S. and the company looks forward to providing demonstrations to any prospective customers. "Our goal with our demos is to move them around as much as possible and we will have them wherever the interest is," said Trepanier.

In terms of production, once ordered the MC 130 models will be available for delivery within 8-10 weeks. Because it has a tier-4 engine as standard, the MC 130 is in continuous production. The MC 250 will be available on the same lead time, but not until the tier-4 engine configuration is standard sometime in the first quarter of 2022. Finally, the MCM 600 is being outfitted with a Cummins engine for the U.S. market. Once that has been done, planned for the 2nd quarter of 2022, it will be available with a 12-16 week lead time before delivery.

To find out even more information we invite you to watch the approximately 18-minute Zoomcast conducted between Trepanier and WorldSweeper's Editor, Ranger Kidwell-Ross. Click on the image below to view the video on YouTube (will open into another browser window).


The contact information for Bridget Trepanier and the Holder/Karcher organization is shown below.


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