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Global Environmental Products: Manufacturer of America's First Hybrid, EV and Hydrogen Sweepers


Global Environmental Products is a California-based sweeper manufacturer that has been a leader in producing electric sweepers. The company even has a hydrogen-powered model.

At the bottom of this article you will find a Zoomcast interview conducted by World Sweeper's editor, Ranger Kidwell Ross, with Sebastian Mentelski, who is a Director in the Global organization. In the hour-long conversation, you will learn all of the following about Global and the way it operates:

Design Innovation:

The company prioritizes design innovation, offering a purpose-built chassis with a very short turning radius, superb visibility and a low overall profile. Emphasis is on operator comfort and efficiency.

Reducing Unforeseen Maintenance:

Global focuses on minimizing unforeseen maintenance by avoiding the use of air to control sweeper functions, as air systems may age and lead to leaks. The company aims for ease of use and lower maintenance.

Experience in EV Technology:

Global has been working on EV-based platforms for almost a decade, starting with hybrid technology and capacitors before the availability of EV batteries. Global M4 Hydrogen

Diverse Power Options:

The company has experience with CNG-powered sweepers, emphasizing the ability to extend chassis without compromising turning radius. Additionally, Global discusses its journey from hybrid technology to fuel cell technology, particularly for a customer like California DOT.

Hybrid Technology:

Global offers insights into its hybrid technology, both standard and plug-in options. The plug-in hybrid allows for battery-only operation for a certain duration, providing more flexibility.

Grant Opportunities:

The interview mentions the availability of grants for cities purchasing sweepers, with certain grants requiring a hybrid with a plug-in option

Infrastructure Challenges:

Infrastructure challenges, particularly in fueling stations for fuel cell sweepers, are highlighted. The need for adequate infrastructure, including charging stations, is emphasized. M3 EV

Battery Technology:

The interview discusses battery technology, focusing on finding the right balance to power the sweeper efficiently without compromising weight or size.

Charging Infrastructure:

Global addresses the importance of charging infrastructure and the efforts to make sweepers compatible with both standard and fast charging stations.

Total Cost of Operation:

The discussion includes insights into the total cost of operation, emphasizing the potential reduction in downtime and maintenance costs with electric sweepers compared to diesel units.

Operational Efficiency:

The efficiency of electric sweepers is highlighted, with the ability to pick up heavy materials efficiently, surpassing diesel counterparts. The interview also discusses the importance of controlling operator behavior for energy conservation.

Diagnostic Systems:

Global is developing diagnostic systems to enable operators or service technicians to diagnose and troubleshoot sweeping components easily, enhancing maintenance efficiency. Global Product List

Adaptation to Changing Market:

The interview underscores the importance of adapting to changing market expectations, labor shortages, and increased component costs, emphasizing the need for swift adjustments in the industry.

For more information on Global's product line, go to, call 909-713-1600 or send email to

To see the informative hour-long exchange between Sebastian Mentowski and Ranger Kidwell-Ross, click on the embedded Zoomcast image shown below. If you would prefer to watch the Zoomcast on a different device, here is the link:

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