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Clean Streets Insurance Program

A current snapshot of the sweeper brooms and brushes industry
Hear recommendations from the pros at Keystone Plastics and United Rotary Brush concerning the rising cost of poly and steel, as well as the potential coming shortages of poly brooms.
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Elgin Sweepers Information

The value of financing = capital preservation
A financing industry veteran outlines what to look for in a finance package, as well as the reasons why financing is the best purchase option for most.
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New sweeping tips added
We have new tips about developing bonus programs for employees, providing earplugs for workers and a slick idea to weed out people who won't pass your drug screening program before they cost you money by failing their initial test.
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American Proofreading Co. Information

Are you in our Contractor Locator online resource area?
We have a place for people to find a sweeping contractor in their local area. Have you listed your sweeping company yet?
Go get listed. Articles About Sweeping

Have comments, story ideas, industry news, etc.?
We're interested in your ideas about what you'd like to read from us. Perhaps we should even be writing about you!
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Report from the path of Hurricane Katrina by Big Easy Sweeping's Lisa James
You can hear first-hand how the devastation of Katrina affected one of sweeping's finest couples, Freddie and Lisa James.'s first audio podcast.
Read and hear the story.

United Rotary Brushes Information

13 tips to designing better yellow pages ads
'Big' Mike McDaniel provides no-nonsense ideas on what to consider when placing a yellow pages ad.
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naPSa Information

Assessment form for evaluating street sweeper operator skills
The NY State DOT has provided us with the form they use to evaluate their broom sweeper operators. Easily adaptable to your own needs for broom or air sweeper operators.
Read the story. Articles About Sweeping

Sample requirements for the position of street sweeper operator
Looking for a street sweeper operator? Here are the job descriptions used by some cities when they need an operator.
Read the story. Articles About Sweeping

The latest edition of Fundamentals of the Power Sweeping Business is now for sale
Our editor has updated the 'bible' of how to run a contractor sweeping business, and it's on sale now. Read about the book. Articles About Sweeping

"Dusty the Street Sweeper" is a delightful 12-page children's story
Your future sweeper owners are sure to love the story of Dusty the Sweeper and Pete, his driver. Read about the book.

Bids-A-Lot Information

Need ideas about how to educate your citizens about sweeping?
Here are some citizen sweeping information pages from city websites around the U.S. Glean from these to add FAQ and Question/Answer sections on sweeping to your own website.
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MB Companies Information

Operate your business with resale in mind
New York-based sweeping company operator gives tips for anyone thinking about buying or selling a sweeping operation.
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Used Sweepers of America Information

Read the latest news from our editor at The Editor's Notebook
Ranger Kidwell-Ross,'s editor, now writes a weekly blog about the latest in industry news.
Go to Editor's Notebook.

Fundamentals of the Power Sweeping Business

Five Steps toward Optimizing a Fleet Preventive Maintenance Program
A pro from NTEA offers his suggestions for making sure your fleet maintenance program is on track. Read the story. Articles About Sweeping

"When I grow up I want to drive a Schmidt Swingo sweeper!"
A heartwarming story from our international section about how a 4-year old boy in the UK was given his chance to ride in the street sweeper he loves. Read the story. Long Masthead Bar
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