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July 2023

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18 Years as Editor of WorldSweeper: Now What?

by Ranger Kidwell-Ross, editor

After 18 years of writing this newsletter, combined with 18 previous years of consulting for and writing for the power sweeping industry, it's proving difficult to figure out transitioning to 'what's next.' Although I have many side projects in the works, until a proper disposition of this website emerges I plan to continue producing and editing content. If any of our readers have an idea for whose hands 'Earth's Largest Power Sweeping Resource' should be transferred to, please let me know.

Although this issue is primarily sweeper-centric, I did add in a link to an upcoming webinar that professes to address one of the big complaints I hear: not getting prompt service on chassis when problems arise. I know from the input we've received over time that it will be of interest to some of you in getting ideas on how you can find solutions in that regard.

Our other 'Not Exactly Sweeping' topic is actually one that should feature sweeping more than it probably will: It links to an EPA seminar concerning non-point pollution abatement. This is definitely an important topic for those of you who understand the importance of sweeping for pollution removal from pavement prior to allowing it to run off into waterways – which should be all of you! Street sweeping has been shown to be 500% more cost-effective in the removal of Nitrogen and Phosphorus than the next best method of catch basin cleaning and that's information you need to bring into your street sweeping program.

In this issue, as in our last, we showcase a relatively new entrant into the U.S. sweeping market. Although Fayat is an international powerhouse, the two product lines it is now offering in the United States, Ravo and Dulevo, are not all that well known. Our interview with the new U.S. manager of Fayat provides a host of info about the company, its two sweeper makes/models and its plans. BTW, the company representing Egholm sweepers that we featured in our last issue sold its first sweeper to the convention center hosting the very first tradeshow they attended. That's an eye-opener!

Our other two stories this issue are designed to be thought-provoking to our municipal sweeping readers. Coral Springs decided to eliminate its contract sweeping arrangement in favor of bringing its sweeping in-house. Whether you're a contractor that sweeps for municipalities or a municipality that uses a contractor, this is an article to ponder.

Finally, our story about Wilkinsburg, PA, ticketing citizens for parking violations – even though they had announced the sweeper wouldn't be running – is a hot button on social media whenever that stance is taken. Making ticketed citizens have to petition to have their tickets thrown out is not the way that process should occur. Shame on Wilkinsburg's city managers for not just admitting their mistake and negating all of the tickets given to citizens in this instance. I hope this article is seen as a 'cautionary tale' for any other city managers who may find themselves in the same predicament.

If you are one of WorldSweeper.com's advertising sponsors, thank you for the critical part you play in supporting 'Earth's Largest Power Sweeping Resource.'SM I am honored by your collective votes of confidence in what this organization provides to the power sweeping industry.

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Good Sweeping,
Ranger Signature
Editor, WorldSweeper.com
Executive Director, World Sweeping Association
Member, PAVEMENT Hall of Fame

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July Newsletter Contents
(Scroll down to read stories or click on links below.)

  1. Fayat Offers Dulevo and Ravo Sweepers in US
  2. Webinar: Every Vehicle, Every Service, Connected
  3. City of Coral Springs, FL, Goes From Contracting to In-house Operation
  4. Wilkinsburg, PA, Tickets Even Though Announcing Sweeper Wouldn't be Running
  5. Not Exactly Sweeping: Webcast: Addressing Nonpoint Source Pollution Through EPA's National Nonpoint Source Program

Fayat Offers Dulevo and Ravo Sweepers in US


Mike Nelson is the USA General Manager for the Fayat Environmental Solutions sweeper product line. The worldwide Fayat line includes four different sweeper models or sweeper makes, from four different countries: Dulevo, Mathieu, the Ravo and Scarab. However, in the US market Fayat will be offering only the Ravo and Dulevo lines.

The linked article offers an @25-minute Zoomcast interview and conversation held between Mike Nelson and Ranger Kidwell-Ross. There is also a synopsis of the interview in print form.,

Take a look.

Webinar: Every Vehicle, Every Service, Connected

FleetOwner Logo

One of the more frequent complaints we hear about sweeper/chassis failures is how long it takes to get service, as well as how often such occur. The FleetOwner organization recently held a webinar featuring fleet experts on how to streamline operations by "connecting vehicles with fleet experts, data-driven transparent technology, and a network of service providers to optimize and improve overall fleet productivity."

Although the webinar has already been held, we arranged a way for you to see the webinar in its entirety if you'd like to know more. Since fleet management issues have in recent times been more serious than ever, use the following link if you want to check it out. When you go to the archive page, put in the following email address: editor@worldsweeper.com.

Check out the fleet management information.

City of Coral Springs, FL, Goes From Contracting to In-house Operation

City Of Coral Springs Logo

The City of Coral Springs, Florida, recently decided to operate its own sweeper instead of contracting out for sweeping services. The goal for purchasing the sweeper – nicknamed "Lightning McClean" – was to improve the appearance local roads as well as clearing debris that clogs drains and causes flooding during heavy rains.

CoralSpringsSweeper Since starting on May 8, the sweeper has cleaned more than 130 tons of debris from roads – much of it from communities that, until now, didn't have street cleaning services, officials said. The City decided to end the contract, and take over the sweeping and expand it into neighborhoods so more hazardous debris (glass, car parts and trash) would be removed from roadways and less sediment was going into the city's storm drain system and ending up in canals.

Check out the story.

Wilkinsburg, PA, Tickets Even Though Announcing Sweeper Wouldn't be Running

Wilkinsburg, PA, officially announced the sweeper wouldn't be running and cars wouldn't have to be moved. However... Parking enforcement ended up giving tickets to cars parked during the normal removal times. Instead of just tossing out the tickets, city officials compounded matters by insisting that the only way those ticketed could not pay was by filling out a form requesting a review.

This is one of the largest complaints about sweeping that ends up on social media. Make sure if your city isn't going to, or ends up not, sweeping at the normal time – for whatever reason – that you call off parking enforcement for that time period. It's sensible, it's fair, and it will save both city officials and your citizens a lot of grief.

Watch this brief video from Pittsburgh's CBS channel and we think you'll agree.

Wilkinsburg Video

Not Exactly Sweeping Logo

EPA Logo

Webcast: Addressing Nonpoint Source Pollution Through EPA's National Nonpoint Source Program

Registration is now open for EPA's Watershed Academy webinar on Addressing Nonpoint Source Pollution through EPA's National Nonpoint Source Program. The free webinar will take place on July 17, 2023 from 2:30 to 4:30 Eastern timezone. During this webcast, you will learn more about the national nonpoint source program and the various ways this program helps restore water quality across the United States.

Nonpoint source (NPS) pollution encompasses a wide range of sources and is the prevailing cause of the nation's water quality problems. The vast extent and continuous nature of NPS pollution is a challenge that requires problems to be addressed through a variety of approaches using multiple funding sources. EPA's national nonpoint source program encompasses a variety of initiatives and partnerships that help address NPS pollution in the nation's waterbodies

Check out the info and/or register to attend.

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