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Mid-State Industrial Service, Inc. Offers Certified Sweeping in Oregon

by Ranger Kidwell-Ross

Jim Dodson Jim Dodson started working with his Dad in 1974. Although he and his wife, Debbie, started buying stock in the late 70's, and then purchased the company outright in 1998. Through their combined efforts, the couple built Mid-State into position to become the first NAPSA-Certified Sweeping Company in the State of Oregon.

Mid-State performs all types of sweeping, with the exception of indoor industrial sweeping/scrubbing. Slightly more of the company's work is in the construction and roadway sweeping sector than is done for parking area customers. A significant portion of the company's revenues also originate from its sewer and catch basin cleaning equipment.

Jim Dodson is a staple at the National Pavement Exposition, where the photo you see was taken, and is an active member of NAPSA. Dodson is currently heading up the organization's Environmental Committee.

In the approximately 11-minute audio interview with Jim Dodson, he talks about the philosophy of their company, and how he has positioned it in the central Oregon marketplace. As you will find with every successful sweeping contractor, Dodson does not tout how his company is the cheapest in the area. However, he does emphasize value, responsiveness, retention of employees and getting the job done as scheduled, each and every time.

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More information about Jim and Debbie Dodson and their company, Mid-State Industrial Service, Inc., may be found on the company's website, They may be reached via email sent to

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