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Covenant Sweeping Provides Faith-Based Integrity to All its Business Operations

by Ranger Kidwell-Ross

Out of high school, Darren Lagana went to work for NASA. After a year with the space agency, though, at the age of 21 he decided he wanted to work for himself in the building and construction trade. He started out doing a wide variety of business-related services.

It wasn't long before he found himself working on building high-end, custom homes. An inability to find quality landscapers led to Lagana's first foray into another field. In 1997, he branched out to open a landscaping and design company.

"We ended up with a number of managers of commercial shopping centers that wanted their centers to look nicer," relates Lagana. Initially this meant upgrading the outsides of the buildings, re-stuccoing them and that sort of thing. After that, re-landscaping became the next logical step to involve the firm. Now, just under 10 years later, the sweeping portion of Covenant's workload accounts for roughly 70% of the company's income. We have also become NAPSA-Certified, which has helped us in a variety of ways."

Although Lagana clearly emphasizes 'doing it all,' he says he also doesn't hesitate to help his clients when they need assistance with projects his company doesn't handle. As he explains fully in the audio interview, this is a way to "build up his favor bank" with his customers, something he knows they will remember when they're approached by his competitors.

Lagana also recognizes that providing whatever service his customers need has resulted in his firm increasing the amount of work done for clients. For example, he cites a property manager where Covenant first provided non-sweeping services. After showing a positive track record, the client added sweeping. Now, Covenant has moved to 'micro-managing' several centers for the client, providing all needed services whenever projects crop up.

Although Lagana discusses the down-to-earth tips and techniques that contribute to his success, he credits his overall success to his faith in God.

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