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Clean Sweep, Inc. Offers Certified Services Throughout Greater Chattanooga, Tennessee

Tennessee's first NAPSA-Certified company is a market leader in sweeping methods and customer tracking.

by Ranger Kidwell-Ross

Pete Phillips, president of Clean Sweep, Inc., literally grew up in the parking lot sweeping business. His dad founded the company in 1984 with a single sweeper that ended up in an accident and was a total loss only three months later. In spite of such a rocky start, the company has progressed to being a market leader in Tennessee.

Phillips, a fixture at the yearly National Pavement Expositions, is one of those contractors who constantly works at finding better ways to operate his business. At the show, he not only attends a number of seminars where he can learn the latest about techniques and equipment, but also may be found among those savvy contractors who burn the midnight oil in productive bull sessions with other industry professionals.

The company uses the combination of CLIP and TomTom software in order to track expenses. One of Phillips' stated goals is to get to paperless routing by the end of the year. Other areas of what might be called 'technological streamlining' are being investigated, as well. "I know that tracking of expenses, including the exact average time spent for each customer, is vital to keeping profitable and, at the same time, keeping costs down for both Clean Sweep and our customers," says Phillips.

"It is only by staying on top of the entire cost structure of our operation that we can provide the best possible service and continue to grow. We have grown at 23% this year, on top of 20% last year, and when you do that as a company you have to really keep track of every aspect of your business."

Clean Sweep, Inc. was the first NAPSA-Certified sweeping company in Tennessee, and is a Founding Member of's Ethics in Power Sweeping Program. The company is located in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

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