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Cannon Pacific is a Southern California Powerhouse

by Ranger Kidwell-Ross

I had a great first impression of Cannon Pacific from its extensive website, one of the nicest I've seen in the sweeping industry. When I contacted the principals, that impression was furthered by their professional manner and evident knowledge.

Cannon Pacific was started in 1962 by a man named Pat Cannon, who at that time decided to get into the parking lot and construction sweeping business. In the 1980s and '90s, Cannon moved into municipal sweeping very successfully to expand the reach of his business. When Cannon retired in 2004, the company was then purchased by Jonathan Lampitt and Steve King, and Miller joined them in 2006. Miller has remained in charge of operations as President and CEO.

Based in the San Diego, California area, Cannon Pacific's management has been at the forefront of keeping current with water and air quality issues and how these are affected by sweeping. They realize the importance of being leaders in their market area in this regard, and in being the professionals when it comes to sweeping.

Cannon Pacific offers a fleet of 30 sweepers currently, and major clients include a number of Homeowner Associations, large property management agencies and municipalities. The company also does work for many of the naval installations in San Diego county. They also have a large, very active pressure washing division to complement the sweeping services.

Miller said one of the keys to their ongoing success was to recognize that the sweeping industry was both fragmented and generally unsophisticated. "Clients -- whether private individuals, HOA representatives or cities -- are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their knowledge of what sweeping should be able to accomplish," said Miller. "One thing we set out to do a few years ago is to help those customers better understand the sweeping industry by using some of the technology that's now available. The Internet is one of the best ways to do that.

"We do our best to have knowledge that allows us to identify with the needs of each of our customers. They now know they can use us as a resource when it comes to PM-10 compliance, for example. Although we're a large company, we provide one-on-one service with each of our customers, always tailored to their specific needs. And, with our municipal customers, especially, they appreciate our leadership, integrity and honesty. When they call us, knowing we are one of the largest companies in our marketplace, they expect us to know what's going on currently in terms of environmental and other issues."

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