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Louisville Pavement Updates Its 'Sweep Inspect' Management Inspection Portal

by Ranger Kidwell-Ross
posted June 2021

In November of 2019 we wrote about Sweep Inspect, the very elegant, full-featured, inspection app Jim Blackerby, owner of Kentucky-based Louisville Pavement Sweep, had developed. The app is designed for sweeping company managers to use to rate the job done by sweeper operators.

For his development of Sweep Inspect, Blackerby received the 2021 Excellence in Power Sweeping award from WorldSweeper, which is the most-longstanding professional award in the industry. This article discusses the exciting updates the Sweep Inspect! app has undergone since that time.

Sweep Inspect has added several new updates and additions to their software over the past month that should make the life of sweeping company owners a lot easier. The first is the new integration with Service Channel.

If a company is using Sweep Inspect, they will no longer need to use the Service Channel app to report services, while at the same time being able to check in and out of all their other properties with Sweep Inspect. Additionally, owners/managers will no longer need to manually write out the work order numbers for their drivers to enter once on site of a property that requires the use of Service Channel verification.

StopInfo350w Sweep Inspect has made their integration with Service Channel entirely location based. This means that once an owner/manager ties a property to Service Channel the correct work order will generate automatically when a driver arrives on site. This will hopefully cut down on confusion among drivers on what work order to enter, while also saving time for the owner/manager.

Sweep Inspect will also be adding integrations for FM Pilot and Field Tech Connect soon, with the goal of allowing owners/managers the ability to be able to only use one app for all of their work verification requirements.

Sweep Inspect has also added a new pricing and service request feature. Gone are the days of sending several emails to a property manager and waiting to hear a response. With Sweep Inspect any member of an organization can take pictures of issues that are outside the scope of sweeping, leave a description of the issue and pass it along to those who need to know about it. You can see some examples below (note that a larger image is available if you click on the one below; it will open into a new browser window.)

Cost Info

Additionally, owners/managers can include the price to fix these issues directly on the custom-branded weblink that is sent to property managers. This drastically cuts down on the time it takes from when an issue is discovered to when it is fixed. With the Service Request feature, any extra work that a property manager approves will be logged/stored and will show if the service request has been completed or is still pending – all on one page.

Sweep Inspect has also added a timeclock feature that makes it easy for employees to begin and end a shift as well as to view their hours worked over any timeframe.

Click on the image to see an expanded view; will open into a new browser window.

The software uses multiple authentications to prevent time clock fraud. One of these is using a unique, one-time code sent to the employees' phone that they must enter before each shift. An employee must also be within one mile of the designated company headquarters. An employee is also able to view the hours they have worked for a week, pay period, or month as well as the hours worked on an individual shift.

Sweep Inspect has also added a "site inspection" feature which allows an owner/manager to take pictures of any issues they find at a specific property such as illegally dumped items, lights out, etc. and send these directly to a property manager on a customizable form complete with logo, company colors, additional services provided, etc.

All these features were added based off of the suggestions/requests of other sweeping companies that are using Sweep Inspect. This is a sweeping company's opportunity to have a custom-made software without paying a custom price.

This software is only $150/month to WSA Members (otherwise $200/mo.) with $25/month going to the WSA Scholarship Fund. This is a flat price and includes everything. With Sweep Inspect there are no confusing pricing structures.

You can contact Jim Blackerby via email sent to Jim@ You may also reach him by calling 859-533-1415.

If you'd like to see a more detailed walkthrough, here is the link to view an updated explanatory video in your browser on YouTube.

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