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How is sweeping done around the world?

Ranger Kidwell-Ross, our webmaster and Editor of, in 2001-2004 completed intrepid trips to Asia, Australia, and Europe to bring us news of how pavement sweeping is done in some of the countries around the world. The Asia portion of this travelogue won an APEX Award of Excellence in Online Journalism for 2002.

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Power Sweeping in Australia – Sweeper Odyssey 2016

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  • In May of 2016's editor, Ranger Kidwell-Ross, traveled halfway around the world to bring you information – including 10 product and information videos – from Australia's industry-leading Civenex tradeshow.

    This allows you an opportunity to see the sights and review sweeping machines from Australia's premier equipment tradeshow. In addition, on this Australian odyssey he traveled to several other cities in Australia interviewing sweeping contractors, manufacturers – and then went on to search for sweeping news in India! Start the 2016 Australian Sweeping Odyssey.

Other Stories About Australian Power Sweeping

Spotlight on Enviro Sweep, Australia's Largest Power Sweeping Contractor

  • Enviro Sweep commenced operations in 1997 in Adelaide, South Australia, as a result of two business partners taking on a contract to clean gross pollutant traps. Today, Enviro Sweep has become the largest sweeping contractor in the Australian marketplace with nearly 100 sweepers and offices in Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and Melbourne. Read the story.

Street Sweeping Matters at Australia's Southern Downs Council, December 2015.

  • What municipal organization hasn't, at some point or other, fielded questions from citizens about why sweeping is taking place? When that occurred with Australia's Southern Downs Regional Council, the operator of the Council's sweeper took action to set the record straight. Taking the approach of providing documentation about the value of street sweeping is a great way to provide positive outreach and learning to your constituents. Read the story.

Update on Australia's Sweeping Climate, Spring 2006.

  • Mark Scull, head of Australia's Brisbane-based sweeping industry dealer, Sweepers, has his finger on the pulse of what's currently happening in the Australian sweeping industry. Read the story.

How Sweeping is Done 'Down Under'...Where Costs are Sky-High.

  • Mike Webber, general manager of Cleansweep, one of the largest sweeping companies in Australia, provides a fascinating look at how the sweeping industry operates on his side of the world. Read the story.

Sweeping in Caboolture Shire, Australia

  • Neil Claridge, public works director for Caboolture Shire, has 42 years of experience. Neil talks about what it's like sweeping in his part of Australia. Read the story.

Sweeping in the City of Sydney, Australia

  • An interview with Michael Shaw, Sydney's manager of cleansing and waste. Read the story.

Manly Beach, Australia: Can You Sweep a Beach?

  • Bound on three sides by salt water, with an enormous wetland lagoon running down the middle of much of the city's length, Manly has recently discovered polluted waterways in its surrounding ocean beaches as well as in the lagoon in the middle. The task ahead is daunting. Read the story.
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