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Parking Lot Maintenance

We are a full-service company - no need to juggle multiple vendors!

Parking Lot Sweeping, Power Sweeping & Porter Services for Dallas, TX

CI PAVEMENT services hundreds of Dallas-based properties on a monthly basis. Whether you’re in an office or an industrial complex, manage a retail center or a parking garage, CI PAVEMENT's power sweeping services can provide a first impression that can make a difference. Our sweeper operators are trained professionals who provide prompt and efficient service for your pavement/parking lot.

Parking Lot Striping for Dallas and the DFW Metroplex

CI PAVEMENT provides striping and pavement marking services to give your Dallas/Fort Worth property a positive first impression that will impress your customers while providing safe and compliant parking areas. Our parking lot striping professionals use high-quality Graco airless painting equipment and only the highest quality traffic marking points. All surfaces are properly prepared to ensure the best adhesion.

Concrete & Asphalt Repair for Dallas and the DFW Metroplex

Whether repairing a simple pothole to restore the integrity of your parking surface or rebuilding a damaged curb, CI PAVEMENT can provide a complete array of concrete and asphalt services with our in-house equipment and reliable employee base.

Power Washing & Sandblasting for Dallas and the DFW Metroplex

CI PAVEMENT’s fleet of high pressure power washers can effectively remove oils, most stains, paint, grime and chewing gum from heavily soiled surfaces to provide your customers with the best first impression. Power washing also removes the moss and other organic coatings that can be responsible for slip-and-fall incidents.

Sealcoating & Crack Sealing for Dallas and the DFW Metroplex

To prevent water, vehicle oil and gasoline from intruding into and further damaging pavement, CI PAVEMENT’s team of highly-trained professionals can crack seal and sealcoat your parking lot. Protect your property from the sun’s damaging UV rays and save money by taking proper care of your asphalt and concrete today!

Signage & Wheel Stops for Dallas and the DFW Metroplex

CI PAVEMENT orders and installs any parking lot signage, whether standard or specialty, to successfully assist and direct both customers and employees alike.

ADA Compliance & Handicap Ramps for the DFW Metroplex

CI PAVEMENT can provide all the necessary ramps, signs and stencils to ensure your property is fully complying with all ADA regulations.

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