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NAPSA Changes Logo, Updates Mission Statement

by Amy Allen, NAPSA Administrative Director

NAPSA has a new look, and a new motto to showcase it. We want people to begin recognizing our logo and associating it with excellence and education in the sweeping industry.

When NAPSA was first introduced to the sweeping industry in October of 2000, the Founding and Inaugural Members had high expectations for the sweeping industry's association. Since that time our membership has grown steadily each year and we look to the future with much anticipation.

With the continued support of the entire sweeping industry, our association will continue to grow and become a beneficial part of your business. NAPSA is an association of contract sweepers, sweeping equipment dealers, service providers, municipalities, sweeping equipment manufacturers and sweeping industry suppliers, dedicated to providing beneficial support to the NAPSA membership, consolidating and enhancing services to the sweeping industry.

You may have seen the cartoon sweeper logo or our initials (naPSa) proudly displayed and associated with the North American Power Sweeping Association. As NAPSA has become more prominently recognized, it was important for NAPSA to have a "face" people would remember along with our name. Over the next year we will be changing over to our new more professional image. Reflecting the growth and professional standards NAPSA is setting for our industry.

With our Certification program well underway, our industry is gaining the respectability that other industries have observed for many years. Ray Confer, with C and J Parking Lot Sweeping, Inc. recently stated, "I always include my Certification information when making sales calls. I compare NAPSA's Certification to the Property Managers own professional accreditation programs. They respond to this level of professional development and it has definitely helped me to secure contracts. Certification shows that I put effort and commitment into my company and it assures the customer that they can expect the same effort and commitment from me."

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