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New York City's Scorecard Rating System for Street Cleanliness

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We want to thank the City of New York Mayor's Office and Department of Sanitation for sharing this material with those in sweeping. A special 'thank you' goes to Rocky Sabatella, Chief of Cleaning Operations for the NYC Department of Sanitation, for his efforts in getting us the materials.

Because it contains photos and graphs, as well as text, the NYC Scorecard handout is online as an Acrobat Reader pdf file. This file should download and open on current Netscape and Internet Explorer browsers, among others. If you have any trouble opening the file once it has downloaded to your hard drive, go to the Adobe website to download the free Acrobat Reader program, or for tips on using the program.

You should have no difficulty in viewing and printing the pdf file. Click here to download these handout materials.

This article is reprinted from American Sweeper magazine, Volume 7 Number 1, 1999.

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