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Modified Curb Brooms Mowing Around Guardrail Posts: Feasible or Not?

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As his Senior Project, South Dakota State University mechanical engineering student, Brady Jones, investigates how sweepers might be used to trim grass around guardrail posts.

by Ranger Kidwell-Ross, editor of

As his senior project South Dakota State student, Brady Jones, is investigating the feasibility of how a sweeper might be utilized to mow the grass around guardrail posts. "Having a person out next to the highway with a weed-trimmer is definitely a known safety issue," said Jones.

"Sweepers have a curb broom attachment on the side and are a machine that's on the highway doing another function. The question we are investigating is whether it might be possible to modify a curb broom apparatus and the type of broom material on it such that it could be utilized to trim mechanically."

You are invited to listen to the approximately 11-minute discussion Jones had with's editor, Ranger Kidwell-Ross, on the topic and then weigh in with your thoughts and ideas on the subject by sending us an email. If appropriate, we'll add your comments and suggestions to the bottom of this article. Here is the link to the audio interview.

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