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Washington, DC, Campaign Designed to Reduce Litter and Graffiti

Not In DC

Under the leadership of William O. Howland, Jr., Director of Washington DC's Department of Public Works, a campaign called 'Not in OUR DC! Pledge to Keep the Capital Clean' initiative was begun in July of 2008. This initiative was backed up by a variety of multi-media programs designed to reduce both littering and graffiti.

The idea was to make the Capitol Zone a place where successful litter and graffiti prevention ideas live. The program challenges those who live in DC to look around for litter and graffiti in their neighborhoods. When they see it, they ask them to take the Not in OUR DC! Pledge to Keep the Capital Clean zone. The program offers vignettes of 'people just like you' who took the pledge and are keeping their communities clean.

Following are some of what the DC Department of Public Works and Connect with Kids produced to help residents and neighbors in the DC area keep their community litter- and graffiti-free. You will find in what DC has done some great ideas for steps you might take in your own communities to reduce the incidence of litter and graffiti.

The initiative material at the program's Connect with Kids website includes:

  • A half-hour television program entitled 'Not in OUR DC! Pledge to Keep the Capital Clean,' produced by Connect with Kids for the DC Department of Public Works. Watch this program (in English or Spanish).

  • Ten powerful videos about young people and adults who are preventing litter and graffiti an additional tool to promote discussion about change into discussion to affect change.

  • A Not in OUR DC! Pledge to Keep the Capital Clean Resource Guide (in English and Spanish) with a parent tip sheet, fact sheet, discussion questions and age-appropriate activities to help you put into action a plan to prevent litter and graffiti, and an Implementation Guide with ideas on how to use the materials.

  • Not in OUR DC! Pledge to Keep The Capital Clean Public Service Announcements, airing on W*USA 9, to further raise community awareness and direct people to resources.

  • Video footage of recent Not in OUR DC! Pledge to Keep the Capital Clean Youth Empowerment and Community Partners Town Hall events featuring District government leaders, DC youth and community leaders.

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