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Texting and Driving Safety Breakthrough

New smart phone App alarms and notifies texting and speeding while driving – documents driving performance to improve safety.

App4Drivers provides alarms and notifies interested parties when a driver is texting and/or speeding while driving, offering a new level of documentation of driving performance.

Posted in May, 2012.

Millions of people text while driving every day. Statistics prove that doing so puts millions of people at risk. However, the first step toward mitigation on this topic is at hand.

App4Drivers is a revolutionary $4.99 App available for Android and iPhones. It helps improve driving behavior by tracking texting, excessive turns, excessive speeds, quick accelerations or sudden braking.

App4Drivers can document answered texts or phone calls during a drive. The program will even alarm and notify the user, or a car owner, or fleet manager, some distance away, if that happens while the App is active.

App4Drivers creates a trip report and a map showing where driving performance exceeds desired set levels for speed, braking, turning, and for cell phone use. The map can be automatically transmitted to any desired location.

The Distracted Driving feature maps any answered texts or phone calls. Good driving habits are documents and get better scores.

The App uses leading-edge, machine-to-machine (M2M) tracking locator technology to "help drivers improve their driving performance and provide maximum assurance to the people who care about them."

App Screen

The program, which downloads and installs quickly, uses complex mathematical algorithms. The advantage of the internal GPS locator systems and accelerometer, combined with the incredible speed of the 3G network, provides the instant real-time analysis of motion. The phone then documents whenever and wherever the smart phone-carrying person (driver or passenger), exceeds whatever speed or acceleration set points have been programmed.

The App4Drivers program has touch screen driven menus that document Acceleration, Braking, Cornering and Speed.

Once desired set points are entered, the program records the speed and calculates the g-forces experienced by the driver. Phone application device owners can choose to protect all driving and vehicle information with a password. This will limit access when adding or editing a vehicle type or setting, as well as prevents data from being deleted.

Text, E-Mail and E-Alert Notifications allows whoever with access to the app to be informed of driving behavior on all covered vehicles, provided the app is active during their drive. Text messages can be sent whenever a vehicle crosses its g-force parameters.

E-Mail notifications are sent only after a recorded trip and provides all the data gathered for that trip. E Alert notifications are sent when a vehicle crosses the G force boundaries, alerting vehicle owners of any dangerous driving being performed in their vehicle. And, one can change which measurement system (English or Metric) to use with their app; providing a better understanding of driver statistics across borders.

When a violation occurs, the program will automatically send either a text message or an email message identifying the vehicle being used, the time the program started and stopped, the set point exceeded, the time of the infraction, and the duration that the set point was exceeded.

App Screen

App4Drivers also provides users with the added capability of receiving a detailed trip report via Email that displays a map with drop pins indicating location of the vehicle when application was initiated and shutdown, a list of the set points, summary of violations and peak speed reached if speed set point were exceeded, the ID of the vehicle driven and a detailed list of any violations for that trip.

To encourage users to stay compliant, both versions also provide color visual and audio sound alarms when a driver comes within 95 percent of any set point limit (e.g., 55 MPH) identified by a user.

Designer, Chet Karella, says the program can be used by parents who want to monitor teen drivers, by truck and automobile fleet managers seeking assurance of employees safety, and by insurance companies who want to reduce costs of driver non-compliance and inattention.

The program which was developed and patented by Chet Karella of Dangerous Decisions, LLC and Henry Decook of Adapto BV, can be tailored to allow drivers to specify driving parameters to multiple vehicles.

The App4Driver Pro is $4.99 at the Apple iTunes Store. For more information you can also visit the website of Dangerous Decisions, LLC.

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