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Safety Tips for Sweeping Professionals

Protecting Your Crews in Traffic: Work Zone Safety Practices

Improve your agency's overall safety record, including motor vehicle safety and hazardous exposures, by adopting measures and techniques to better protect employees in the work zone.

John J. Meola, CSP, ARM
Safety Manager, VMS, Inc., Richmond, VA

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VMS, Inc. provides asset management services for infrastructure of a wide variety of municipalities, DOTs, etc. As Safety Manager, Meola's job is to make sure their clients do everything possible to keep their jobsites safe for workers and others at all times. At APWA 2007, Meola provided a seminar designed to help attendees better:

  1. Assess the risk to employees who operate vehicles and machinery and set up highway work zones.
  2. Identify and evaluate the effectiveness of protective devices, equipment, and high visibility apparel.
  3. Determine what steps to take to improve your organization's overall safety record.

In this approximately 12-minute synopsis of that information, Meola provides an outline designed to provide ideas to highway-oriented safety managers about how to take steps to emphasize safety procedures and practices. In addition, Meola provided his speaker's notes on the topic in PDF format.

John J. Meola, Safety Manager for VMS, Inc., may be reached by calling 804-261-8040. His email address

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