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Tips for Working Together as a Sweeping Contractor Husband and Wife Team

by Karl and Lori Stauty;
interview by Ranger Kidwell-Ross

Recorded in February, 2007.

Karl and Lori Stauty

Many sweeping contractors are actually husband and wife teams. Karl and Lorean Stauty have successfully grown their business for 21 years together, and their marriage for 25. In the following candid audio interview, which was held at the National Pavement Expo 2007, the couple shares some of the techniques they've used successfully through the years that have helped them in that regard.

Note: To play the audio, click this link or on the small triangle inside the circle you see to the left. If you have any trouble accessing this audio, please let us know.

Karl and Lori's firm is Virginia-based Commercial Power Sweeping, Inc. If you have questions or would like clarifications on any of the topics discussed in the audio interview, you may reach them via this email link.

Ranger Kidwell-Ross is editor of If you have new information to provide on this topic, let him know and we can add it in as an addendum to this article.

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