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Michael Nawa

Mike Nawa's Verizon GPS Info 2007

Verizon's GPS with 'Field Force Manager' offers a number of interesting features.

interview with Michael Nawa by Ranger Kidwell-Ross

Michael Nawa is principal of Pennsylvania-based Custom Maintenance Services, as well as a former winner of our Award of Excellence in Power Sweeping and a past member of the Advisory Board of the National Pavement Expo. This audio interview with him was conducted on February 1, 2007, at NPE 2007.

Nawa's company was an early adopter of Verizon's integrated GPS system, which they did to take advantage of the company's Field Force Manager module designed to integrate with the GPS data. As a combination, the system offers a wide scope of tracking, analysis, reporting and customer notification options.

In this audio interview, Nawa speaks about his experience to date with what the Verizon package offers. Click here to listen to Nawa's overview of the ways his company is using the Verizon GPS programs many features, and what the semi-automated system can do -- at a price. (MP3 file just over 20 minutes long.)

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