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Growing Your Business

The Power of Using a Business Coach

by Ron Roberts;
interview by Ranger Kidwell-Ross

audio interview recorded in February, 2007.

Ron Roberts, The Contractor's Business Coach

Over the last decade, the consulting of a 'business coach' to assist in growing businesses has been one of the fastest growing concepts around. These coaches are often seasoned pros in a given field, people who are able to provide advice on many aspects of a business through a combination of their experience and the ability to take an objective, outsider's look at their clients' businesses.

According to Roberts, here are the top ten mistakes that contractors make:

  • Mistake #1: Not Realizing That Selling is the Key to Survival
  • Mistake #2: Accepting Work from Bad Clients
  • Mistake #3: Signing Bad Contracts
  • Mistake #4: Not Maintaining a Large Line-of-Credit
  • Mistake #5: Failing to Hold Field Leaders Accountable
  • Mistake #6: Not Knowing the Cost of Work
  • Mistake #7: Buying The Wrong (or too much) Equipment
  • Mistake #8: Winging It - Running the Business Without a Plan
  • Mistake #9: Pricing Work Too Cheap
  • Mistake #10: Not Using Professional Guidance
Ron Roberts offers a wealth of experience and ideas suited for pavement-based contractors. Because his experience encompasses a number of different types of exterior and pavement maintenance companies, Ron has the ability to provide targeted ideas to contractors looking for techniques to expand profitably. Chances are, you'll gain a few new ideas and insights just by listening to this audio interview conducted with Roberts at the 2007 National Pavement Exposition. Note: The following audio interview with Ron Roberts will play without downloading any files onto your computer. If you hear the interview at 'chipmunk speed,' you will need to download the latest version of Adobe's free Flash player.

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More information about Ron Roberts' and his company may be found on his website You'll also find a link to sign up to his informative e-newsletter on his site. You may also reach Ron via email sent to

The Contractors Coach

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