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A Report Card on ServiceChannel 10 Months After Implementation

by Ranger Kidwell-Ross, editor of

WorldSweeper Survey Report – March 2012

In August of 2011 we first learned about WalMart's new requirement to use Service Channel ( In February of 2012 we invited readers who use ServiceChannel to assess their experience to date with the company. The results of the survey are shown below.

How easy do you find using the Service Channel system to be?

Quite Easy (23%);
Fairly Easy (54%);
Not Very Easy (0);
Somewhat Difficult (22%);
Very Hard (0)

How often have you found the Service Channel system to be unavailable when needed?

Never; it always works (30%);
It usually works fine (15%);
Once in awhile we have trouble with it (38%);
Quite often it isn't working (15%);
We have a lot of difficulty getting through (0)

How much time do you lose when you can't get through to the Service Channel system when you need to?

We've never experienced an inability to get through (31%);
Hardly any; we find it easy to work around in the rare times that occurs (46%);
If we can't get through on our schedule, it's a somewhat time-consuming workaround (15%);
It is quite a headache and time loss when we don't get through on the route (15%);
When we can't report when we need to it's a real disaster in terms of time loss (0)

Are you now getting paid within the specified timeframe on your accounts where you are using Service Channel?

Absolutely; we always get paid on time (62%);
We almost always receive our money on time (15%);
We are getting paid on time only about half the time (8%);
We seldom get paid in the timeframe specified in the agreement (15%);
We never get paid in the timeframe specified in the agreement (0)

On a scale of 1-to-5, where 1 is best and 5 is worst, how would you rate your INITIAL experience with Service Channel (first 2 months)?

One (15%);
Two (24%);
Three (23%);
Four (23%);
Five (15%)

On a scale of 1-to-5, where 1 is best and 5 is worst, how would you rate your ONGOING experience with Service Channel (3rd month forward)?

One (62%);
Two (15%);
Three (0);
Four (15%);
Five (8%)

What comments do you have about Service Channel? Are there ideas you have for how the service could be better? Are there parts that need to be eliminated?

  • We like the fact that we get paid timely by using Service Channel.
  • Need a number for days when we cannot sweep. It would make it best for me and easier to call in Work Orders when storms or bad snow conditions; need for a bad storm number to be available.
  • They have given the store management team the power to hire, fire and work out prices per store and area. The goal is to stay away from (third party) maintenance companies and keep it local and this is what service channel does. Work orders are very easy and billing/invoice is quicker. So far very pleased with ServiceChannel.
  • Keep (third party) management companies out.
  • Lack of dates per se'; only references when going on web site.
  • Call center only needs to be in the US.

The results would seem to show that ServiceChannel is doing an increasingly good job, making sweeping and other services faster and easier to report. Speed of payment, a perennial complaint, appears to be on a path of improvement, as well. Overall, at least among those taking our survey, ServiceChannel would appear to be a better solution than anything WalMart has done to date in this area.

More recently, not only have the complaints dwindled but we've started to receive reports about contractors preferring the system. Included is that they report getting paid consistently within the timeframe specified in their agreement.

The following is email contact information for both Walmart and for ServiceChannel:

Walmart Supplier Administration Management Team –
Walmart Exterior Services Management Team –

ServiceChannel Contractor Support –

Editor's Note: If you have more information about this story, please let us know. If appropriate, we'll add it to the bottom of this page.

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