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by Ranger Kidwell-Ross

Ranger Kidwell-Ross, editor

We're only a couple weeks in to the new year and already it's a doozy. It seems clear America is headed for what my father used to call "interesting times" in the months ahead.

To help you cope, we cover the emerging credit crunch in our feature, Cash Management Survey Shows Service Sector Down, which includes steps to consider if you're in sweeping.

The Contractors' Coach, Ron Roberts As regulars to the site already know, 'The Contractor's Coach,' Ron Roberts, is now an ongoing contributor to the site. Click where you see the logo on the home page to access Ron's fast-growing archive of sage advice and tips for sweeping contractors and property maintenance professionals. Already they include topics like building your company's brand, finding good help and getting the attention of your prospects and customers. Roberts can even tell you how you might be able to get your employees to fix on their own the problems they have with each other!

We've added two new, ongoing features at For years I've heard complaints about how much time it took to contact different financing vendors for quotes on leasing sweepers and other equipment. Finally, there's a solution. We now have in place a 'One-Click Finance Program.'

Fill out one form and send the result out to a number of top financing companies. Thanks to industry heavyweights, Center Capital, Stearns Bank and Flex Lease Financial for starting the program with us. We'll be adding even more finance company participants as time goes on.

As another new feature we're creating a podcast interview with each of our Contractors of the Month. We start with an informative conversation with Derek Grieco, president of January's Featured Contractor company, Immaculate Sweeping, LLC.

In any time of uncertainty and change, it's important to run a competitive and efficient operation. But wait, there's more... Today, more than ever, it's equally important to run your business with ethics. If you don't already know why, you'll find out in our feature article, Ethics: Does Your Organization Have It?

Other stories in this issue include how to evaluate your company through the eyes of your employees and customers, and learning from a long-time property manager what her peers are looking for in a sweeping contractor. When you get done reading those, the competition won't have a chance!

1-800-SWEEPING concept There is another exciting new program out in the industry. Mike Musto, purveyor of the 1-800-SWEEPING concept, explains in his audio interview why he thinks the people who buy 1-800-SWEEPING for use in their area code(s) will be able to outpace the competition. As you'll hear, it may be a very cost-effective way to get a better grip over your marketplace.

We offer several items of interest for those who sweep streets, as well. Gary Keen's fine essay about the relatively new to America 'mini' class of street sweepers. Although Keen writes about Applied Sweepers' Green Machines, you'll find the information translates to Allianz's MadVac line, as well as to many of the other, more minor players in the mini market niche.

Wisconsin DNR We also report on the recently released test results from a four-year sweeping study in Madison, Wisconsin by the City of Madison, Wisconsin DNR and the US Geological Survey. Three different types of Elgin sweepers were tested during the time period 2002 - 2006. We'll offer an analysis of it at a later time when we've had more time to review the results.

Highland Global I love how I always learn something new when I interview contributors. The article and audio interview about the value of regular business appraisals was eye-opening to me. My bet is that you will agree.

After learning about why you should get ongoing business appraisals from appraisal industry company president, Robert Clinger, III, a number of you will be taking steps to get one done.

And, as always, I learned something new when talking to that consummate sweeper pro, Gale Holsman. If you ever intend to expand you'll definitely find his new series of audio interviews, Keys to Purchasing Sweeping Companies, packed with useful information.

Finally, in case you missed them when they were initially sent, I created a separate 'State of the Industry' message for contractors and for municipal-type agencies. These review what we accomplished for the industry in 2007, as well as discuss our plans for 2008.

In our ongoing effort to make it easier for you to access our online information, many of our articles now include audio interviews with the participants. The feedback we've received is that you prefer this format to having something written that must be read on your computer screen. Our audio interviews allow you to keep working in the background as you listen to a professional tell you about the latest in their area of specialization.

I'm trying to bring you information you can actually put to use in your sweeping company or municipal sweeping operation. If there's something you'd like us to report about, please let us know. Our goal is to write about what you want to read.

As always, if you have a sweeping-related need please tell us about it. We'll try to assist in any way we can. I routinely reference articles and studies, provide information from my "Fundamentals of the Power Sweeping Business," manual and put contractors and city officials in touch with others who may have answers to their information needs. By the same token, if you have a story you can provide, additional information on any of the topics we've covered – or need more details – please let me know. I'll be glad to help if at all possible.

Good Sweeping!
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Ranger Kidwell-Ross, editor

Ranger Signature File Scan PS I almost forgot. To help you spiff up your email correspondence, I offer a new Sweeping Tip that has the instructions for embedding your signature in your Outlook email, kind of like mine is, there on the right. How cool is that?!

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