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August 2016

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Ranger Kidwell Ross World Sweeper Editor's Overview
Ranger Photo

by Ranger Kidwell-Ross, editor

Sweeping News Covers a Wide Spectrum

This past month's news in the power sweeping industry covered the entire spectrum from great to tragic. The latter is due to the fatal accident that took the life of a sweeper operator for Connecticut-based, CSS Industries, Inc. Apparently, the operator lost control of his Athey-Mobil sweeper while taking an exit ramp.

Apparently, the sweeper flipped over, the operator was ejected and the sweeper then rolled over him. The story offers reminders in several directions, including the topics of excessive speed, the importance of wearing a seat belt and, perhaps, inattention or multi-tasking while driving. Tragically, there's no way to know for certain which might have played a role in this instance.

RenatoOn the other side of the spectrum is the story of Renato Sorriso, the Brazilian Samba-dancing street sweeper we covered in our last newsletter edition. Sorriso was featured in the closing ceremony of the Olympics dancing with one of Brazil's top models, the stunning Izabel Goulart. Nice perk of being a sweeper, eh?!

Somewhere in between is the article about the EPA's stormwater runoff sanction against the Nevada DOT. After seeing the water quality degredation in India due in part to lack of legislation, I'm glad to see some press given to that issue.

Sweeping Round the WorldIn this issue of our monthly newsletter we conclude our stories from my recent sojourn to Australia. In this final episode of the stories from 'down under,' you'll have an opportunity to see some of the sights of the New South Wales area, as well as read and listen to the stories of a number of people involved with sweeping in that country.

We are proud to present the winners of the World Sweeping Association's annual Memorial Scholarships. In addition to recalling long-time industry luminaries the scholarships are named for, Carl J. Austin and Dale McCaskill, Sr., the money helps make a higher education more affordable for the recipients.

Thanks to everyone in the industry for your continued interest in, and support of, both WorldSweeper.com and the World Sweeping Association, an organization that would benefit every sweeping contractor in America. If you are one of our industry sponsors, thank you so much for the critical part you play in supporting 'Earth's Largest Power Sweeping Resource.'SM If you sell to the sweeping industry but don't yet advertise with us, please consider doing so.

Conversely, if you're a contractor I urge you to check out the many benefits of membership in WSA. And, last but not least, if you are any way involved in the power sweeping industry – as I have been since first producing the SuperVac Quarterly for the Schwarze family back in 1988 – thank you for reading the 'sweeping news you can use' I've been providing for the last 28 years... and continuing.

Good Sweeping,
Ranger Signature
Editor, WorldSweeper.com
Executive Director, World Sweeping Association

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August Newsletter Contents
(Scroll down to read stories or click on links.)

  1. Second Installment of Sweeping in Australia
  2. WSA Scholarship Awards
  3. Improved Stormwater Through Street Cleaning
  4. Gutter Broom Operation 101
  5. Nevada DOT Hit With Stormwater Runoff Decree
  6. WSA Featured Contractor: Twin City Sweeping
  7. Not Exactly Sweeping: Environmental Groups Win National Victory for Clean Water

Second Installment of Sweeping in Australia

Australia Image We're pleased to bring you more news and information about how power sweeping is done 'down under' in the great country of Australia. Our second round of coverage includes learning about some of the difficulties of sweeping areas of Australia, including the problem of sweeping detritus from the London Plane Tree.

We have a total of nine different and new sweeping stories from Australia, also including interviews with several Australian sweeping contractors, an interview with a national distributor of sweepers in Australia at Rosmech Environmental Cleansing Solutions, and more. We'll even see Rosmech's new, India-built, regenerative air sweeper in action. And, if you've ever wondered about how a hydrostatic gearbox works, now is your chance to find out!

Start at the beginning or if you read the last installments already, go to the next story in the travelogue.

WSA Announces Scholarship Winners

Big Checks This marked the fourth year that the World Sweeping Association has provided scholarships to advancing students who are connected to power sweeping companies. In 2016, WSA received three applications for its two yearly scholarships given in the names of the late Carl Austin and Dale McCaskill, Jr.

Choosing between the three proved difficult, so much so that the three were contacted with a proposal to split the $4,000 total scholarship allotment three ways. Only if all three agreed would this be done, they were told. Not only was there complete agreement, but two of the three said to the effect of "it's nice when no one has to lose." To read about these fine young men (and/or to contribute to WSA's Scholarship Fund), use the link below.

Read about the winners.

Improved Stormwater Through Street Cleaning


The PDF linked below is an overview of the history and effectiveness of street sweeping technology through the years. Done with assistance from TYMCO, the information was initially compiled by Steven J. Calvillo, M.E.S. as a presentation at the 16th Annual EPA Region 6 Stormwater Conference held in Fort Worth, TX, in 2014.

You'll find a number of charts and graphs, as well as statistics and study references, which will be very handy for anyone wanting to tell others about the environmental value of power sweeping streets. Since we only recently received a copy – and it was done for a regional conference – we figured that most of our readers probably haven't had an opportunity to take a look before now, either.

Read about it.

Gutter Broom Operation 101

Gutter Broom Gutter brooms are one of the major wear items on a sweeper. In this article, Brett Wise of Oregon-based Owen Equipment offers an overview on how to ensure you get what you need out of your gutter/curb broom: long life and effective cleaning.

Jack Moran of broom supplier, Keystone Plastics, also includes a table of troubleshooting information as part of the article.

Take a look.

Nevada DOT Hit With Stormwater Runoff Decree

Nevada Sweeper In a move that may have other state DOT and similar agencies looking over their shoulders, the USEPA has hit the Nevada DOT with a federal consent decree aimed at resolving stormwater runoff violations discovered by the Agency. The settlement includes a $13 million investment to create a new Stormwater Management Program with 59 full-time staffers led by a deputy director.

The settlement decree, which will last until at least the end of 2018, stems from a 2011 audit by the EPA. In the audit, it was found that Nevada's Transportation Department allegedly violated the terms of its stormwater permit. Specifically, NDOT had failed to implement a stormwater management plan that was required in 2005. To resolve the issue, NDOT has also spent $7.6 million to purchase street sweepers, channel-flushing trucks and other equipment, while also earmarking $15 million for several projects aimed at cleaning up stormwater runoff across Nevada.

Read about it.

WSA Featured Contractor: Twin City Sweeping

Twin City Logo

Dave Shappell, the owner of Twin City Sweeping, had a friend who was already in the sweeping business in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area. He encouraged Shappell to purchase a sweeper because, says Dave, he thought it would be a good business move for him. So, in 2010 Shappell purchased a used Elgin Broom Bear.

Dave then started calling on prospects and from there his business has grown into a multiple sweeper operation. He has since added in a TYMCO 435 as well as a TYMCO 600. The company also has some Tennant sweepers for doing garage sweeping. The Twin City story includes a unique way to certify CDL operators, among other tips.

Check out the company.

Not Exactly Sweeping: Environmental Groups Win National Victory for Clean Water

Not Exactly Sweeping

Waterkeeper photo Under a national settlement announced on August 17, 2016, between a coalition of environmental organizations and the EPA, the Agency will begin adding both improved monitoring tools and a number of clear, numeric targets and standards to industrial stormwater permits in 2020. These will simplify the job of controlling water pollution for regulators, businesses and citizens.

The permit, which should mandate an increase in sweeping, among other mitigation techniques, applies to thousands of businesses across the country in multiple industrial sectors, from cement mixing and scrap metal salvage to trucking and food processing, and sets limits and best practices that companies must follow before they discharge stormwater that has been polluted by their industrial operations.

Read the details.

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