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Women in Sweeping Breakfast Sponsored by Elgin

February, 2008

Women In Sweeping

Women in Sweeping Breakfast Sponsored by Elgin

Catharine Cyr Ransom is a member of The Accord Group, which is the company hired by Elgin Sweepers to be their lobbyist for power sweeping interests. Ms. Ransom spoke at Elgin's Women in Sweeping Breakfast during NPE 2008.

Catharine Cyr Ransom In the following audio interview, which was taped at the 2008 National Pavement Exposition, Catharine Cyr Ransom provided an overview on the political process as it affects sweeping, as well as provided an insight onto some of the women-oriented issues that occur in Washington, DC, on 'The Hill.'

Approximately 25 women involved in the power sweeping business attended Ms. Ransom's presentation. This is the 2nd year that Elgin has sponsored a speaker specifically for the women attendees from the sweeping industry at NPE. Due to the popularity of last year's event, attendance more than doubled this year.

To listen to the talk by Ms. Ransom, click in the circle on the audio player shown below.

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Women in Attendance

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