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Contractor Comments About USM and Best Buy

Comments that have been received in reference to whether or not USM has retained all or part of its Best Buy service account.

started April 28, 2011; written by Ranger Kidwell-Ross

On April 20, 2011 I received from a Michigan contractor a letter that detailed the cancellation by Best Buy of USM as a service provider. The same day, I called the Best Buy media relations line and was told on the phone, and later via email, that company policy did not allow him to confirm or deny such information. You may view that email exchange by clicking here.

Since no information could be gotten from either Best Buy or USM, in the April 2011 I solicited input from US sweeping contractors about what they knew on the topic. Below is the information received to date. If you have new or additional information on this topic, please let me know.

Reports called in or sent to us via email about the USM/Best Buy relationship:

You are also encouraged to check out the Facebook page for any comments that may be there. It is located at

Washington Contractor – 4.26.11 – 12:15pm, Pacific: USM lost the contract with Best Buy in Washington.

New Mexico Contractor – 4.27.11 – 10:37am, Pacific: You asked if USM has been terminated from doing BEST BUY. The answer is yes.

We do sweeping for USM and have for 6 years now. They are a really bad company to do business for and we have decided not to do any more bids for them. On February 7th they told us to stop service on Best Buy. Then, on February 22 they told us to start service on March 1st. Then, on the last day of March they told us to stop service. Then, the first week of April they told us to start service again until end of April.

When we went in yesterday to have the manager sign our monthly work sheet, she refused to sign. She said that she told USM that it needs to be done the same day the service is done, and that there had been multiple crews out doing their landscaping and that she had no idea what was going on.

Also USM lost some of their Target accounts. We did all the Target stores here in [their city] for USM. They lost the bid on 3 stores and we continue to do one for them. As far as the Wal-Mart stores are concerned, we did 4 of them for USM. We knew about the termination the day it happened, because the WM store we did before USM got involved called us back to start service again and the others we were doing service for USM, 2 of them didn't want us back on their property.

Three of them didn't want us there to begin with. One called the cops on us during the month of March and when we brought the matter to USM they ignored it and said just keep sweeping the store. Unbelievable. Just yesterday I got a notice to bid on the WM stores for landscape maintenance. Today got a message not to do it. I also got a message that my contract for one of the WM stores USM gave me [had] terminated the contract with USM and that I was not to do the store anymore. The only problem is that the termination date was on [in mid April] and I just got the notice today.

I have submitted contracts and other forms to USM multiple times. They keep saying they don't have them on file. I sent the contracts for WM 8 times. USM has temps working for them and they are not trained and don't know what they are doing. You talk to a new person every time. You never have the same account manager. We have made several calls to USM and have never, never ever gotten a return phone call. The same with emails. We have got confirmation that they have read it but no response.

So, USM is a circus and we will not be doing business with them anymore. We have been stiffed thousands from USM and we believe it will be the same with the WM deal.

Louisiana Contractor – 4.27.11 – 12:27pm, Pacific: Here in Louisianan USM has lost it Best Buy contract also. I swept a store in Lafayette, LA for USM and contract was cancelled.

To reach the Best Buy Vendor Information Department, call toll free to: 1-888-265-2024. The website address for vendor inquiries is: What appears to be the Best Buy Vendor Inquiry Form is located at this web address. The company does not list an email address for vendor inquiries.

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