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June 2023

Trombia Free Autonomous Electric Sweeper in Test at NY/NJ Port


In May of 2023, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey conducted a quantifiable test of the capability of the Trombia Free sweeper to perform on Port properties.

We offer two links below: The first is to a 3-minute snapshot of the test posted by the Port Authority, showing the Trombia sweeper in operation. The second is a link to the Zoomcast between WorldSweeper's Editor and Ignacio McBeatch, Technology Development Manager for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. In it, they discuss the preliminary findings of how the Trombia Free sweeper performed during a three-location testing process conducted in May of 2023.

For more information:
Antti Nikkanen
Managing Director
Trombia Sweepers
+1 718 690 9287

About Trombia Technologies

Trombia Technologies is a Finnish road maintenance equipment manufacturer known for its innovation for dust and snow clearing technologies. The parent company Snowek Oy was founded in Kuopio, Finland in 2011 the company and has since grown into a global player in high end wheel loader and tractor snow plow and sweeper attachments. Snowek has recently been acquired by Faun.

The company's flagship innovation, global-wide patented Trombia sweeping technology, is designed to offer sweeping operators global-wide a more sustainable, cost-efficient, easier-to maintain and faster alternative for combating both mechanical debris and fine dust challenges in paved areas. Trombia Free autonomous sweepers, launched on the September 29th, 2020, outline the company's vision to grow from a fast-growing SME and innovator, into the world's leading city sweeping technology provider in the modern greener and more sustainable city cleaning era.

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