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Trombia Sweepers names Superior Truck Equipment, Inc. as Dealer in Alberta and Saskatchewan

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European sweeper manufacturer Snowek continues its expansion in North America by expanding its dealership representation in the provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan, in Canada.

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Snowek Ltd. – November, 2019

Snowek has named Superior Truck Equipment, Inc, as the official dealer for its flagship sweeper product Trombia Airknife sweepers. Trombia sweepers are designed to combat silica dust challenges in working sites and industrial plants, as well as PM10 street dust challenges in municipal streets.

Trombia sweeper attachments have been developed to exploit the wheel loaders in year-round street and area maintenance and to assist public and private sector to sweep and collect away the finest dust particles and at the same time optimize their fleets' idle time. Trombia sweeper attachments have been designed to be completely filter-free by using a globally patented technology combining air-knife dust cleaning, mechanical sweeping, vacuum and cyclone separation. Inside Trombia's sweeping chamber the sweeping process is carried out fully waterless, which enables contractors to clean and sweep with higher accuracy and perfection in sweeping result.

"Superior Truck Equipment has strong experience in distributing cutting edge equipment solutions and they have strong presence in the Alberta and Saskatchewan sweeper markets. In multiple cases municipalities or industrial sites cannot afford a high-end suction sweeper truck for removal of the finest street or silica dust particles. With Trombia they will be using their existing wheel loader fleet year-round. Trombia products will be sold throughout the two states starting October 2019 with also parts and service with local availability."
-- Antti Nikkanen, CEO of Snowek / Trombia Sweepers.

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Superior Truck Equipment Inc. has been doing business in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Northern Territories since 2003. STE is a leader in supplying equipment solutions to the waste and recycling, construction, oilfield, railway, municipal, government services and utility market.

"Superior Truck Equipment is excited to partner with Snowek and offer the Trombia sweeper to its customers. The Trombia sweeper attachment is revolutionary, in that it allows a cleaning solution for all 4 seasons in Canada. The Trombia sweeper module is a PM 10 certified vacuum assisted waterless sweeper module for municipalities and contractors that mounts to a mid-sized wheel loader. In today's economy many customers are looking for alternative solutions to gain flexibility with the equipment they already have."

More information:

Antti Nikkanen
Managing Director
Trombia Sweepers
+1 718 690 9287

Les Winterhalt
Vice President / Sales
Superior Truck Equipment Inc.

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