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Sweeprite Now Shipping Husky S2 sweepers Mounted on Isuzu Gasoline Chassis


Sweeprite, a Merit Manufacturing Company, has announced its non-CDL Husky S2 mechanical broom sweeper is now available on Isuzu's NRR Class Five gasoline chassis.

Sweeprite Gas Chassis Sideways

Merit Manufacturing, Inc. – June, 2022
Breslau, Ontario Canada

"Many customers have voiced their concerns about diesel-powered drivetrains, as well the changes to State and Federal pollution control regulations that are evolving quickly. Many California operators were not prepared for the suddenly imposed changes to State Diesel exhaust regulations. Chassis not in compliance with Tier Three or Tier Four pollution control regulations have been virtually banned. Unfortunately, these changes imposed by the California Air Resources Board (CARB), did not provide for any form of 'grandfathering' under previous regulations."

So says Dario Manti, Sales Manager for Sweeprite Merit. It is widespread knowledge that, given the changes in diesel engine specs allowed, sweeper owners had to scramble to sell their older sweepers out of state. CARB rules were so strict that those not doing so before the regs came into play had to truck their sweepers to the California state line. Instead of disposing of their now-illegal sweepers, some owners chose to mount their sweepers onto new or used gasoline chassis. However, this worked better for air machines than for mechanical broom units.

"Changing chassis wasn't a great solution to those operating mechanical broom machines," said Manti. "Existing chassis builders were only offering Class Four gasoline units, which had lower GVWRs than the 19,500 lb Class Five Diesels. This resulted in lowering of truck load capacities. However, one positive that came from the situation is that Isuzu determined that a market existed for Class 5 gasoline chassis.

Sweeprite Gas Chassis Facing The Isuzu NRR chassis engine is is manufactured in America by Builtmore Contract Manufacturing in Charlotte, Michigan. The engine is built from a GM Vortec V8 block and is certified by Power Solutions International. The engine is modified by PSI to generate 311 horsepower and 353 lbs.-ft. of torque at 4,150 rpm. The chassis 6-speed Allison 1000 RDS transmission includes optional, in-cab powered takeoff controls.

According to Isuzu, this will be the first time Isuzu has offered PTO in a gas-powered truck. Manti said Sweeprite engineers are reviewing the capability that provides in terms of developing future product improvements. Isuzu's NRR gasoline chassis is offered with a 38.6-gallon stainless steel fuel tank, which Sweeprite has incorporated into its gas-powered Husky S2 sweeper.

We have seen significant customer demand for putting our S2 onto a gasoline-powered chassis, as long as it is one that doesn't require a CDL for operation. In addition to the increasing regulatory environment and the well-documented issues Isuzu diesel chassis/sweeper combinations have with DPF systems, regeneration, etc. The recent cost increases of diesel, which have outstripped the price hikes seen by gasoline, has also become an additional factor pushing more people to consider using gas-powered sweeper units.

Sweeprite Gas Chassis Point Left Sweeprite is now shipping gasoline chassis from its factory in Breslau, Ontario, Canada, where it manufactures and assembles its sweepers. As far as Manti knew, the Sweeprite S2 is the first mechanical broom sweeper to be offered on a gasoline-powered chassis in modern times. Sweeprite is a division of Merit Manufacturing Inc.

For further information, contact Dario Manti at You may also reach him by calling 519-648-9777, ext. 230.


Sweeprite is owned by Merit Manufacturing Inc., a world class laser cutting, metal forming and fabricating company based in Kitchener, Ontario, which is about 1 hour west of Toronto.

Les"Over the years Sweeprite may have changed owners and names but its employees have always embraced the philosophy set out by our founding President, Mr. Les Hulicsko," says Dario Manti, Sweeprite's International Sales Manager. Hulicsko was recipient of the 2015 WorldSweeper/World Sweeping Association's Award of Excellence in Power Sweeping. Continues Manti, "Les taught us to always place our customer's needs first – and to build one tough mechanical street sweeper!"

1990s Sweeprite There are still scores of Sweeprite, Python and Superior Roads sweepers in service across North America. Sweeprite's legacy fleet can be found cleaning the roads around Canada's largest National Park, beachside parks in Fort Meyers, Florida, long stretches of dusty highway in Arizona and keeping up with traffic while cleaning the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City.

We now offer digital cameras, one-button automation, high output LED lighting, in-cab brush controls, our exclusive "Sweeprite Water Saver System," air conditioning and a host of other operator comfort and efficiency features.

All diesel power plants meet the latest pollution control requirements. We also strive to keep operational cost low and affordable. Many wear components are off-the-shelf items and a strong aftermarket also continues to support our legacy fleet."

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