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Sweeper Parts Sales Inc. is a "One-Stop Shop" Carrying Replacement Parts for Johnston and Now, Madvac & Allianz

Since 2009, Sweeper Parts Sales, Inc. has been a supplier of Johnston Brand Vacuum Sweeper replacements parts. The company has announced they now carry an inventory of OEM and aftermarket replacement parts for the Madvac Vacuum Litter collection and Allianz's Mechanical Sweeper line.

Burlington, VT – April 11, 2011

With the recent closing of Allianz Madvac manufacturing, there is no better place to rely on for support with your Madvac fleet than the company owned by the inventor of the Madvac, Gabriel Charky. Vehicle owners can now depend on Sweeper Parts Sales (SPS) to support them to keep their fleet up and running cost-effectively for their vehicle's lifespan.

SPS is a dedicated parts supplier offering the only complete and comprehensive Allianz Madvac supply of parts – a true "one-stop shop" – for all Allianz Madvac parts. SPS' trained staff provide expert advice to ensure parts ordering accuracy as well as prompt, next-day delivery.

About Sweeper Parts Sales: Founded in 2009 by Gabriel Charky, founder of Madvac and former President of Allianz and Johnston Sweeper Company from 1986-2008. SPS supplies OEM and replacement parts for Allianz Mechanical Sweepers, Johnston Vacuum Sweepers, and Madvac. For expert advice on parts or to place an order, call toll-free 1-877-695-3060 or e-mail us at or visit us at

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