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Stewart-Amos Sweepers Unveils Newly Designed Website

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Frank Chulick, president of Stewart-Amos Sweeper Company, announced his organization has unveiled a new, full-featured website at

Stewart-Amos Sweeper Co. – March 21, 2012

"We are proud to announce a newly designed and informative website," said Frank Chulick, Stewart-Amos Sweeper Company president. "The site has all of our product literature now available in both Word and Adobe PDF formats. In addition, those not familiar with the Stewart-Amos organization can learn about our company's strong roots in the heavy equipment industry."

Although the Stewart-Amos organization began building street sweepers only eight years ago, the company has been a fixture in the road building equipment industry since 1947. The company was actually begun almost a decade before that, founded as a distributor of mineral processing and aggregate production equipment for the limestone quarries located in Pennsylvania.

"Because we are relatively new to building street sweepers, many in the industry are unaware of the storied past of Stewart-Amos," said Chulick. "As part of our rental organization, we have provided rental mechanical broom sweepers to the construction and mining industries, both of which are very destructive of equipment.

"In 2004 our rental business had grown to be a significant part of our business. At the same time, we were having trouble finding a heavy-duty broom sweeper model that could stand up to the harsh conditions that many of our rental customers subjected their sweepers to. That's when we decided to build our own, combining the talented employees we already had on board in engineering, fabrication and manufacturing with the capabilities of sweeper specific personnel we brought on board to spearhead the product line. "

In the intervening years, Stewart-Amos Sweeper Company's mechanical broom product line has developed into one of the most full-featured broom sweeper product lines in America. Currently, the company makes five different mechanical broom sweepers in three different size categories. Each incorporates the company's exclusive "3-shaft elevator system" that minimizes chain wear, slashes maintenance costs and ensures more effective sweeping of all types of debris – especially bulky materials.

Responding to the many customer requests to develop an air sweeper line, Stewart-Amos started investigating that addition in 2007. "Instead of doing this design work entirely inhouse," said Chulick, "we turned to Mark Schwarze, whose air sweeper designs had long been regarded by many as the best in America. In collaboration with Mr. Schwarze, Stewart-Amos introduced the R-4 and R-6 air sweeper line in 2009. These have been extremely well received by the marketplace and are now a valued part of the Stewart-Amos line.

"We are proud to now offer a full-featured website that provides complete information about our entire product line. There are many new product photos, as well as complete literature on all of our sweeper models."

For more information on the Stewart-Amos Sweeper Company, go to the company's website at You may reach the company by phone by calling 800.482.2302; the general email address is

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