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Schwarze Industries Announces Pure Vacuum Street Sweeper

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(Huntsville, Alabama) October, 2017

Schwarze Industries, Inc. announces the development of its new revolutionary HyperVAC pure vacuum sweeper. Introducing a new revolutionary material transfer system that will improve sweeping quality and a new three-fold dust-laden air separator system that reduces the release of contaminants from the exhaust typically seen in previous vacuum sweepers.

Schwarze strengthens its leadership in the sweeping industry by expanding upon the company's ability to provide customers with the most flexibility, choice and value in sweeping, as well as innovative solutions to help them reach their sustainability goals.

Schwarze HyperVac

Advanced Surface Scrubbing

The Schwarze HyperVac features a patent-pending debris moving technology that can also scrub the road surface at variable speeds. This unique surface scrubbing technology uses an array of digger brooms, similar to side brooms, and automatically adapt to the crown of the road, eliminating the need for a sweep tube transfer broom.

The HyperVac builds on the Schwarze portfolio of sweeper products, and includes:

  1. 7.8 cubic yard high strength stainless steel hopper
  2. Tier 4 turbo-charged diesel John Deere engine.
  3. Large 39" recessed digger side brooms
  4. Dual vacuum nozzles
  5. Large 12" nozzle hoses
  6. 134" wide sweeping path.
  7. Schwarze WhisperWheelsm Technology
  8. Schwarze's exclusive "Sweep-Sensetm" control system.

"The HyperVac is truly a revolutionary product that is literally years ahead of any other sweeper, and we are excited about its reception into the sweeping industry," said Greg Heyer, Vice President of Sales, Marketing, Customer Service & Product Management.


The Schwarze HyperVac will be available early 2018 and will be sold through Schwarze's extended dealer network.

For over forty-three years in the street sweeping business, Schwarze Industries has been committed to providing an exceptional level of customer support. Schwarze offers one of the most comprehensive sweeper lines in the sweeping business. For additional information visit the Schwarze website at For additional information visit the Schwarze® website at

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