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Schwarze® Industries announces the development of compact wheelbase high-performance sweepers.

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(Huntsville, Alabama) February 2016

Schwarze Industries announces the development of a compact wheelbase Freightliner M2 for mounting the A7 Tornado and A9 Monsoon high-performance regenerative street sweepers.

A7 on Freightliner

Schwarze Industries' Product Manager, Brian Giles reports that extensive voice of the company's customer research indicated that an increased maneuverability chassis was desired for sweeping areas that required tighter turns. Giles says that over the last ten years, commercial chassis have increasingly long wheelbases to accommodate increased engine emission control devices.

Giles also reports that Schwarze Industries worked closely with Freightliner engineering to relocate the exhaust after treatment from under the cab to between the frame rails.

This exhaust system move benefits the sweeper operator in two distinct areas. Firstly, it allowed an overall reduction in wheelbase and an overall length that subsequently improved the turning radius and secondly, allowed the side brooms to be moved to directly behind the front wheels, allowing the operator to better control the broom contact with the curb.

For forty-two years in the street sweeping business, Schwarze Industries has been committed to providing an exceptional level of customer support. Schwarze Industries offers one of the most comprehensive sweeper lines in the sweeping business, including models for parking area cleaning, industrial sweeping, mall and shopping center sweeping, airport runway sweeping, street sweeping, milling cleanup and stormwater runoff (PM-10) management and a complete line of velocity pothole patchers, featuring the single operator/automated, Schwarze® RoadpatcherTM. For additional information visit the Schwarze® website at

Schwarze® stands for Quality, Performance, Public Safety, Value and Customer Support


Schwarze® stands for: Quality, Performance, Public Safety, Value and Customer Support

Schwarze Industries, a company of the Alamo Group, is focused on delivering high quality, innovative, high efficiency industrial sweeper products supported by friendly and efficient service.

For more information on Schwarze Industries, Inc., visit You may also reach the company by calling 800.879.7933.

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