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Mathieu – Fayat Group Chooses Forsee Power to Electrify Its Street Sweepers and Washers


(Paris) May 9, 2023

Mathieu, a division of Fayat Group, has chosen to equip its street sweepers and washers with Forsee Power battery systems, an expert in smart battery systems for sustainable electromobility, to enable zero-emission operations in urban environments.

The vehicles will incorporate ZEN 8 SLIM, a versatile and ultra-thin battery developed by Forsee Power engineers for the off-highway market.

Mathieu is a major player in the street sweeping and cleaning market. Its excellence is based on a very complete range of compact urban utility vehicles and a certified international network to guarantee municipalities and contractors a high level of performance and service.

To contribute to the decarbonization of transport – particularly in city centers where the concentration of emissions is the highest – Mathieu now proposes 100% battery vehicles, with no emissions during operations.

AzuraFlex_MC210_350LATEST The AZURA compact street sweeper and the AQUADYNE multi-option street washer – two products referenced by the UGAP public procurement center in France – will be marketed in electric versions, equipped with ZEN 8 SLIM battery systems from Forsee Power.

The ZEN 8 SLIM 8 kWh battery system allows vehicles to operate autonomously with a level of performance equivalent to a combustion engine vehicle while eliminating emissions, noise and vibrations related to motorization.

ZEN 8 SLIM has been designed to electrify off-highway and light vehicles in 100% battery mode. The batteries are only 128 mm thick and can be integrated both vertically and horizontally. ZEN 8 SLIM is very modular and scalable: it is possible to install up to 32 modules in series and in parallel, supporting a multitude of combinations ranging from 48 V/8 kWh to 800 V/250 kWh, with future upgrades up to 800V/1.2MWh. To perfectly adapt the on-board energy to the system voltage, it integrates 48V and 72V modules as well as a 48V pack with its own integrated BMS.

ZEN 8 SLIM batteries offer an excellent energy density of 251 Wh/L – among the best on the market – to ensure all-day operations in one single charge. Opportunity charging is also possible with up to 1C charging compatibility that can charge the battery to 100% in just one hour. Total cost of ownership and robustness are essential in the off-highway market segment, which is why Forsee Power has made sure to offer a product with a very long life of 5,000 cycles, and IP67 certified for resistance to air and water.

Forsee Power battery systems are entirely designed by Forsee Power teams and manufactured in Europe, Asia-Pacific and soon in North America.

About Mathieu – Fayat Group

Mathieu is a subsidiary of the Fayat Group. With more than 100 years of experience in the field of manufacturing street cleaning solutions, Mathieu offers a wide range of compact and innovative sweepers with unrivaled performance for better productivity.

This wide and comprehensive range ensures that the customer finds the perfect solution for each specific cleaning task they face. The experience and technical skills of our 128 employees in the factory and in the field are at the service of municipalities and communities to offer them a complete range of sweepers and washers with different engines: ethanol, petrol, diesel and now electric.

The Mathieu after-sales service relies on its 6 service centers for a fleet circulating in France of approximately 8,000 machines. Mathieu, manufacturer and distributor, has a high level of stock of original parts to guarantee the longevity and a high operating rate of the equipment. Contact Fayat via its website,

About Forsee Power

Forsee Power is a French industrial group specializing in smart battery systems for sustainable electric transport (light vehicles, off-highway vehicles, buses, trains, and ships). A major player in Europe, Asia and North America, the Group designs, assembles, and supplies energy management systems based on cells that are among the most robust in the market and provides installation, commissioning, and maintenance on site and remotely.

More than 2,000 buses and 100,000 LEV have been equipped with Forsee Power’s batteries. The Group also offers financing solutions (battery leasing) and second-life solutions for transport batteries. Forsee Power and its 650 employees are committed to sustainable development and the Group has obtained the Gold medal from leading sustainability rating agency EcoVadis. For more information: | @ForseePower

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