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Former Allianz Employees Start-up 'Madvac Products.Com' to Support the Madvac Litter Collection Product Line

Company will even be providing warranty support to existing Madvac customers.

posted April 18, 2011; written by Ranger Kidwell-Ross

Over the last several weeks, WorldSweeper has provided extensive coverage on the demise into receivership of the Allianz-Madvac Sweeper Company. Since then, several organizations have stepped forward to fill the OEM and aftermarket parts and support gap for the Allianz mechanical broom street sweeper line.

UK-based Johnston Sweeper Company is doing the same for the air sweeper portion of the line by establishing an office in North Carolina, which is due to open on April 29th. In case you don't already know, Allianz was licensing its air sweepers from Johnston.

Madvac Sweeper Now, there is positive news about the Madvac line. Hisham El Sherif started with Madvac in 1989 and was Director of Purchasing and, later, VP of International Sales for Allianz when the company dissolved. Now, El Sherif is leading the management team of a new company called 'Madvac Products.Com.' His title in the new organization is VP of Sales and Marketing.

The intent of Madvac is to provide genuine OEM parts, Madvac dealer support – and even warranty support – to existing Madvac customers. Future plans even include restarting production of the Madvac line. With El Sherif are several other key members of the former Allianz-Madvac organization, including 14+ year employee Donna Alderman, who is the new company's Sales Manager. To get first-hand information, I spoke directly to both Mr. El Sherif and Ms. Alderman in their new Montreal, Quebec offices.

"Our Mission Statement" says El Sherif, "is 'Total Customer Satisfaction.' We are all about resuming a high level of support to both the Madvac dealer network and end-users of the Madvac product line. That is something that wasn't at the level we would have liked to see over the last several years at Allianz. I believe it speaks to the professional team we put together that we have successfully arranged to continue the relationships with the previous Madvac OEM parts manufacturers across the board. I want to stress that we will be selling OEM parts, not aftermarket parts.

"Dealers will also be glad to know that we will not be selling to end-users in their respective territories. Rather, we will be continuing to honor the pre-existing dealer network. Plus, because our costs are not nearly as high as those faced by the previous Allianz organization, our parts' pricing will be more competitive than ever before. This will be good news for dealers and end-users alike.

"As you might imagine, we have been on quite a fast-paced schedule since the day Allianz went into receivership. We began Madvac Products.Com on April 4th, were operational on the 15th, and were shipping Madvac parts worldwide as of the 18th. We have experienced Madvac personnel on board in engineering, procurement, parts and shipping."

"I know I speak for Donna and the rest of the team we have assembled," continued El Sherif, "when I assure all current Madvac dealers and end-users that you will find it simple to do business with us. We assure you true OEM parts and can ship worldwide from our Montreal, Canada, location. If anyone has questions, comments or needs any type of information about the Madvac sweeper line, we encourage them to pick up the phone and give us a call."

You may reach Madvac Products.Com by calling, toll free, 1.855.651.0444. The fax number is 450-651-0447 and email address is: The company's website is:

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