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South Plainfield, NJ; October, 2020

Keystone Plastics Partners with 1-800-SWEEPER to Supply Replacement Street Sweeping Brooms


Keystone Plastics, a leading manufacturer of street sweeping brooms and brushes, has partnered with 1-800-SWEEPER to supply their North American sweeping partners with replacement street sweeping brooms.

Keystone manufacturers OEM quality replacement brooms for all model street sweepers and will be the exclusive supplier of brooms to 1-800-SWEEPER.

Photo1800SweeperAgreement10.20 1-800-SWEEPER is a nationwide service network of independently owned power sweeping companies. These partner companies are located across the US running a variety of different sweeper models to provide parking lot sweeping, street sweeping, and a variety of construction-related power sweeping services.

Mike Lucht, President of 1-800-SWEEPER, comments on the partnership, "We are excited to welcome Keystone Plastics as 1-800-SWEEPER's new broom supplier. Keystone Plastics is a widely recognized manufacturer of high-quality broom products in the power sweeping industry and we appreciate their support of our 1-800-SWEEPER organization.

"Our partners look forward to working exclusively with the Keystone team to create a mutually beneficial, long lasting and productive vendor-partner relationship."

"The 1-800-SWEEPER team has done a great job building a strong partner network of sweeping companies. We are excited to build a productive working relationship with each company in the network and supply them with our quality brooms," notes Michael Naftal, Executive Vice President at Keystone Plastics.

You can contact Keystone Plastics by calling 800.635.5238, or by using this link to send an email to Keystone's Sales & Marketing Director, Mike Santos. The company's website is

About Keystone Plastics

Keystone Plastics, Inc. has been manufacturing the industry's leading replacement brooms for street sweeping and road construction for over 50 years. At Keystone we believe in reliable quality and strive to make the heaviest, longest lasting brooms in the industry. We also believe the only good broom is one that arrive to you as promised.

Our innovative products, quality and unrivaled customer service have been the foundation of our success. We manufacture a complete line of products including All-Pro Strip Brooms, All-Pro Combo Strip Brooms, Tube Brooms, Gutter Brooms, Wafers, and custom brush solutions for OEM's and specialty applications. We work to meet all our client's needs and provide quality, reliable brooms for the street sweeping.

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