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Kansas City Deployed a 'Team Effort' to Clean Up After the 2023 Super Bowl Parade

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At the City of Kansas City, Missouri, crews planned to deal with winter weather storms on the Wednesday night after the Chiefs victory. However, with the Super Bowl Champions Parade suddenly scheduled for that day, they first had to strategize a massive cleanup process of multiple city blocks.

From a crowd this size, they knew what was left behind would be challenging to pick up. As one might expect, the cleanup kept them working hard hours after the parade. For blocks, streets and sidewalks were littered with trash. The crew found the confetti still glittered under their street sweeper lights.

"It's the least we can do for a Super Bowl victory," said Michael Shaw, KC's Director of Public Works.

Hundreds of employees from the parks and recreation department, public works, water department and solid waste crews worked on not only the clean up but also set up safety precautions and barriers.

Shaw said they learned from the Kansas City Royals World Series Parade and the last Super Bowl Parade that the cleanup would be a team effort. "We are veterans at this now," Shaw said.

Dozens of backpack blowers and street sweepers worked together to clean it up. "This is the type of work we like to do, we like to have this type of fun," Shaw said. "It's a challenge for us, no doubt. It doesn't happen all the time, so we're up for the challenge."

Thanks to Kansas City's television KSHB 41 for this brief video clip of the cleanup challenge.

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