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Global Environmental Products Introduces the Global R4AIR

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Global Environmental Products (Global) has created what it terms "The Ultimate Street Sweeping Machine." The company says its new purpose-built sweeper offers the best maneuverability in its class and exceptional visibility, among other features.

San Bernardino, CA – January 2020


The Ultimate in Performance and Agility

From the modern, comfortable and well appointed operator's cab, to the toughest and most rugged Regenerative-Air Type sweeping system ever built, the Global R4AIR is designed to take on the worst of the worst sweeping conditions.

The performance-matched 32" suction fan and 72" wide pick-up head provide superior sweeping of all heavy debris quickly and efficiently. The purpose-built chassis is based on four decades of experience designing the most effective, and safe, street sweepers in the industry. The Global R4AIR provides exceptional visibility increases operator and pedestrian safety.

The 130-inch wheelbase allows for the sweeper to reach a turning radius of 18 1/2', wall-to-wall. With the pickup Head in the center you don't have to worry about what is happening behind you. Global R4AIR is the only 4-Wheel Air Type Street Sweeper in the market that can be utilized virtually anywhere with the ability to HIGH-DUMP into a dump truck.

The Global R4AIR offers the best maneuverability in its class with its' tight turning radius that allows the operator to maneuver easily in cul-de-sacs and close quarters. With the center mounted cab/forward layout the operator has unsurpassed visibility of the road surface as well as pedestrians and surrounding traffic.


Global Sweeper Large 32" Diamater steel Impeller includes wear- resistant coating. The internal impeller housing components include rubber lining. Driven hydraulically, impeller will reach speed of 3,000 RPM independent of engine RPM or sweeping speed. 72" Wide Pick-Up Hood with carbide dirt shoes, combined with the large 32" suction fan, equals to one of the most powerful AIR street sweepers available today.


Global R4AIR includes a 5.8 cu/yd 100% stainless steel hopper construction, cyclone-type dust separators and swing-down hopper screens that are are easy to clean.


Global R4AIR includes 250-gallon water tank capaciity combined with two(2) diaphragm water pumps and two(2) Modes (LOW/HIGH) provide versatility and superb dust control. Our hydraulically-driven fan's 'sealed loop air' is blasted down a 12" vertical tube (pressure side) on the left side of the pick-up hood. Debris and air then travels to the right and up 12" hose (vacuum side), enters the dust seperator, which filters fine particles from airstream before it reaches the blower again. Water system keeps the debris from returning to the impeller.


Large 47" digger-type gutter brooms allow for superb cleaning of curbs and help guide the debris to the 72" wide pick-up hood. Combined with a large 32" suction fan, this equals one of the most powerful AIR street sweepers available today.


A centralized, weatherproof systems' locker fully protects electrical components from the elements while it allows maintenance staff easy accessibility for inspection and troubleshooting. Hydraulic hoses are NOT hidden in the frame of the sweeper, while all manifolds and filters are located in a central location.

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