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Global Environmental Products, Inc. Now Represents Johnston North America in New York City

Johnston North America and Global Environmental Products, Inc. announced today an exciting partnership to continue offering Johnston's reputable products to the Boroughs of New York City.

Bronx, NY – July 25, 2011

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Global Environmental Products, Inc. (GEP) was founded in March of 2011, and offers a range of innovative refuse receptacle sanitizing equipment. With health concerns on the rise due to increased illness, customers are looking for a way to protect their loved ones from illness and disease. Cleaning garbage cans has proven to be a very sought after service in markets within the United States.

Located in Bronx, New York, GEP has signed a contract to be the exclusive Johnston North American dealer, selling and supporting both the refuse cart cleaning equipment as well as the Johnston North America models VT650, VT800, CN200, and CN101 to Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island.

The President of GEP, Walter Pusic says, "Johnston North America offers high quality, low maintenance cost and user-friendly equipment currently in use by certain New York departments today.

"We will continue our relationship, established through integrity and experience, and provide this service to New York City through our Bronx facility."

The General Manager for Johnston North America, Bob O'Hara, says of the newly formed arrangement: "With Johnston North America setting up operations here in America, we wanted to re-establish a relationship with, if not all, certainly with the best of our former product distributors. Walter Pusic clearly fits into that category.

"With his long-term, proven track record of sales and service in this industry, we are delighted to have him on board to service the five Boroughs of New York. His thirty-plus year relationship with the city is second-to-none and we are pleased that he is going to represent the Johnston line in the Boroughs of New York."

For additional information contact:

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Bob O'Hara, General Manager
Johnston North America Email:
Phone: 704-658-1333

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Walter Pusic, President
Global Environmental Products Email:
Phone: 909-437-3597

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