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Elgin Sweeper Debuts RegenX1®

Elgin, IL – May 2022

Once again utilizing the input of Elgin's customers and Innovation Lab, the RegenX1® is a customer-driven design, mid-dump regenerative air street sweeper that is easy to use, clean and maintain.

Regen X1

"After the success of the RegenX, we knew we had to once again seek our customers' thoughts as we developed the RegenX1®," said Tim Letts, Product Manager, Elgin Sweeper. "With its many features that simplify upkeep, the RegenX1® helps reduce time and maintenance costs. We've taken steps at every possible point to make it reliable, easy to service and time saving."

The RegenX1® is a single-engine, truck mounted regenerative air sweeper that eliminates the work of maintaining two engines and cost exposure resulting from "missed" auxiliary engine regenerations. The new sweeper also utilizes a highly efficient dust separator and large screen surface area to reduce carryover and sand blasting. A simplified design that involves fewer moving parts helps increase uptime and further enhance reliability.

Additionally, the new sweeper eliminates many lengthy maintenance needs such as complex aftertreatment systems and cumbersome belt tensioning structures. Easily accessible components with locations hand-picked by experienced service technicians make servicing simple. Bolt-on wear parts were installed wherever possible for further ease.

A 56-inch roll-off container dump height with 50-degree dump angle and 8 yd3 hopper helps avoid double handling and reduces the need to drive back to the facility to dump. They also help avoid environmental ground-dumping restrictions. With several features that make it easy to clean, including a simple hopper with rounded corners and an external self-dumping dust separator, the RegenX1® helps save time all around from sweeping to cleaning.

"The RegenX1® provides incredible return on investment," said Letts. "Combined with the company's 100+ years of experience and that indispensable customer input at all stages of the development process, the RegenX1® is a street sweeper that provides significant value for our customers."

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Sold and serviced through a network of more than 100 dealer locations worldwide, Elgin Sweeper products are the sweepers of choice for a variety of general street maintenance, special industrial and airport applications. With more than 100 years of experience, Elgin Sweeper offers municipalities, contractors and industries the most sweeper options in the country, using the latest sweeping technologies – mechanical, pure vacuum, regenerative air, alternative fuel and waterless dust control. Elgin Sweeper is a subsidiary of Federal Signal Corporation's Environmental Solutions Group. For more information, visit

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